registration closes in 3 days + Hilton rules

Winter practice begins today at 4pm at the Hilton Spa.  Make sure you register on line and read everything before you arrive to practice. Registration for the Winter session closes on Nov. 17th. If you miss the registration deadline you can still register by attending the next board meeting to request a late registration.

Without the use of the Hilton swimming pool there would be no Sedona Swim Team in the winter months!

Hilton use rules - stern because they are so important to the team:

We recommend that your family look into purchasing a membership to the Hilton.  The facility is world class and the rates are affordable.

However, If you can not join as a member, the Hilton graciously allows us to use the facility for $20.00 per month for swim team time only and for swim team members only. If you are not a member, you must remember to pay $20.00 to the front desk on the first of every month. Today will be your first required $20.00 fee to get inside for practice if you are not already a Hilton Spa member.

With this in mind please read and follow the rules. Last year they had some issues with these rules not being followed by our swim team MEMBERS and we have committed to them that every member will follow these rules. Not following these rules jeopardizes the team so it is in reason that you will be asked to leave the team if these rules are broken.

Maturity and responsibility are required to swim winter swim.  If a swimmer can not abide by these rules or is reported as abusing these rules that member will be immediately asked to leave the team (team fees will not be refunded). 

Please make sure all team members know they must bring their own towels.  Make sure they realize this is for both in and out of the pool as well as when or if they shower.  So they may want to bring two. 

·         The exception to this is if any of them are already members.  If there are members they must identify that they are members.  Have them bring their scan cards.

·         They must act appropriately.  We had a lot of yelling and such in the lockers last year.  We have rooms with services going on in very close ear shot to the locker rooms.

·         Any person who is under the age 16 is not allowed in the heated facilities (sauna, Jacuzzi and steam room.)  This is a standard for the spa. 

·         Please remember that we must share lanes as always with other spa guests and take sharing lanes as an opportunity to show our community members how mature and responsible Sedona Swim Team members act.

Finally, if you are not attending meets on a meet or meet travel day, be aware that there will be no practice so please do not show up to the pool expecting to get in or to swim.  Swimmers in the winter are expected to work hard toward hitting meet Q times and attend meets but if you do not qualify or attend a meet... don't show up to practice.