Swim Meet Arrival Times for this Weekend

 Saturday,  Morning  Arrival: 7:15am       1 Timing Chair, Lane 3

Bohannon, Maddy          Dygean, Frances               Egan, Sydney                     Gasteiger, Tor

Johnson, Mia                     Lipps, Sean                         Matsumiya, Ariel              Moore, Scott

Norris, Angelina                                Ross, Sara                            Tomlinson, Jack                Tomlinson, Sam

Vetterlein, Bliss                                Whitehead, MacKenzie                 Widmann, Maddy

Saturday, Afternoon  Arrival Time  11:20am          1 Timing Chair Lane 6

Gardner, Nicolas              Garrant, Meghan             Hernandez, Taylor           Kelly, Benjamin

Mitsanas, Harrison         

Sunday, Morning  Arrival Time 7:15 am             0 Timing Chair

Dygean, Frances               Egan, Sydney                     Ewing, Melia                      Gasteiger, Tor

Kearns, Kieran                   Lamb, Brooke                    Whitehead, MacKenzie

Widmann, Maddy

Sunday Afternoon  Arrival Time  11:40 am         1 Timing Chair Lane 7

Chang, Matthew              Gardner, Nicolas              Garrant, Meghan             Hernandez, Taylor

Kaufman, Brian                 Muller, Vikram                  Wu, Juliana


Please dress warm for this meet.  This meet will be held at Santa Monica College.  This is an outdoor pool.  Bring extra clothes, towels, caps, and parkas. 

Everybody needs to help with timing.  If your child has the last event of the day, please sign up for the last timing slot of the day since you will be there til the end. 

If time permits and we have enough swimmers, we will do relays.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.