Don't forget to drop off your donations!


SCAT Gives Back

this Holiday Season!


Please join us and contribute to the SafeHouse Outreach

is an urban outreach committed to affecting real change

 in the lives of those in the margins of society,

 by providing a hand up, not just a hand out.

SafeHouse provides practical, emotional,

and physical assistance to those living in the margins,

 and help integrate them back into society –

 to lead healthy, functional lives.



In lieu of a SCAT Christmas party or gift exchange this year, which seems impossible to find a date to host, we are opting to “Give Back” and offer gifts to those in need! 


Here’s how we can help:  

A gift package includes the following very basic items: 


Ø   thick white crew socks with a durable heel & toe,   

Ø   warm stocking cap                                                       

Ø   tube of chapstick or lip balm                                  

  There are three ways your swimmer can contribute if they like:


1.) Donate any items above in any quantity —maybe it’s a pack of socks, or a hat or a package of chapsticks—maybe it’s all 3—whatever you like will always be appreciated!


2.)  Join us for a “wrapping party” on Monday, November 28 @ 4:30 pm to wrap our gift packages!  Gift wrap and tape provided.


3.) Come to the SAFEHOUSE with the Fraker family (and hopefully lots of other SCAT team members) on

Tuesday, Dec 6 and serve meals to the homeless !   We will help with carpools and scheduling.  The kids would have to miss swim practice this evening, so let your coaches know if this is something you would like to do!  We will add a Wednesday evening practice this week so the kids don't miss pool time!



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