Swim Team Update - November 17th, 2011

1. 2004 Olympian Brittany Reimer will be visiting the team on Wednesday Nov. 23rd for more information click here

2. Roxy, Anne Cole and Vitamin A Swim Suit Sample Sale - there will be a swim suit sample sale at the club on November 25th and 26th all proceeds from this sale will be generously donated to the swim team! This sale is not exclusive to members so let your friends know about it!! For more information click here

3. Operation Shoebox Pizza Party Contest - Thanks to the 10 shoeboxes brought in by Ella Emri the Monsoon group is in the lead for the pizza party remember the group that brings in the most shoeboxes by Nov. 26th will win a pizza party!!! For more information on operation shoebox click here

4. Operation Shoebox - Regional and Olympic Way Socials - At both the Olympic Way social on November 19th and the Regional Group social on November 21st swimmers are encouraged to bring in contents to fill shoeboxes.

At the beginning of each of the socials swimmers will work together to fill as many shoeboxes as they can.

Remember for all updated swim team news and information check the website at