Meet Program Ads for sale

We're all very busy this time of year but please take a minute to try and think of a couple of people in your life, who would want to support the Neptunes, and your son or daughter, by purchasing an ad in the Swim Like the Dickens meet program, and either personally approach them or send them this email.  You'll be surprised at how many people respond with a YES! 

The Neptune Swim Team is a self sustaining, local non profit organization whose primary objective is to teach, train and support your children to become the best swimmers that they can possibly be.  The benefits they receive help them become strong, responsible, young women and men who will succeed in their future endeavors.  

We'd like to invite everyone to consider showing your support for the team while promoting your business at the same time, by advertising in the upcoming swim meet program.  Better yet, take one more step by sharing this with your dentist, auto mechanic, bakery, dry cleaners, chiropractor or anyone you do business with and ask them to also support your son or daughter's swim club.  We are a community of over 200 families who shop, eat and spend money in our local community.  So why not invite those businesses advertise in our swim meet program. 

We'll print an 8 1/2 x 11" program for the upcoming meet with room for a limited number of full, half or quarter page ads.  100% of the income generated by the program goes directly to continue our mission and, more important, to our kids.   A full page ad is $100, a half page is $60, and a quarter page ad is only $40! 

If you act quickly, you can reserve the inside front or inside (2 color) back covers for only $125!  Ads from family and friends encouraging the kids, grand kids, nieces, nephews, etc.  and other friends are also welcome. The deadline to submit your ad is December 2, so act quickly.  

For further information, please contact Michael Markowitz at