Promoting the Indoor Pool and Aquatic Surveys - Due Sunday Noon

Dear MSA Parents,

I would like to strongly request that you complete a survey related to a new 50 meter indoor pool at the Hogan YMCA in Madison.  The 50 meter indoor pool was promised as part of Phase II of the YMCA.  It is imperative that we show our full support for the new pool.  Currently the Dublin Park pool is stretched to maximum capacity with MSA and Bob Jones High practices, not to mention swim meets.  Next year with the opening of the new high school in Madison, lane space will be stretched beyond maximum capacity limiting practice time.

I strongly encourage you to complete the survey that our fellow swim parents, Laurie Messer, Dave Williams and John Fellowes have spent many hours creating.  The completion of this survey will show our strong commitment to a 50 meter indoor pool at the Hogan YMCA.  Our desire is to have a 50 meter indoor pool that will allow MSA and Madison City Schools to expand swimming programs.

If there are past MSA families that you would like to forward to, please do so.  We need all the support we can get!!!!

Please see the survey link below to complete by noon on Sunday December 11.

The surveys needs to be completed by noon on Sunday, December 11.

Emily Lauder
MSA President