Mako Update

MAKO Holiday Invitational

Coach Heather would like to thank all of our volunteers for a job well done this past weekend!
We couldn't have run such a successful meet without all of our officials, timers, and those who worked in the hospitality room and at the awards table!  Special thanks to our Officials Chair, Tony Fitz, and our Volunteer Coordinator, Beth Crews.  
Congratulations to all of our Makos who competed in our Holiday Invitational this past weekend!
1st place finishers
Isabella Manizone, 25 BR
Hannah Hale, 200 FR, 200 IM
Katie Karlinchak, 100 BK
Julie Chung, 100 BK, 200 BK
Hannah Basl, 200 IM
Anthony Grimm, 100 BK, 50 BK, 50 BR
Henry Rudisill, 50 FR
Jet Pham-Ton, 100 BK, 50 FL
Coray Marcelo, 100 FR
Ryan Boll, 200 FR
Dillian Jiang, 100 BR
Noah Carpenter, 100 BK, 200 BK
Patrick Myers, 100 FL

Top 8 finishers
Isabella Manizone , Kara Vietmeyer, Caitlyn Birkholz, Ava Byrnes, Katherine Pastva, Natalie Pavco, Elise Tisler, Emily Drakopoulos, Lauren Royce, Katie Karlinchak, Lauren Davjs, Hannah Hale, Danielle Barr, Abby Tisler, Laura Griffin, Julie Chung, Elizabeth Williams, Alexandria Maas, Ariana Cassella, Maggie Corcoran, Madeline Ice, Celia Duggan, Mary Beth Myers, Natalie Pritz, Audrey Hunter, Megan Allison, Victoria Sia, Catherine Krouse, Perry Mullins, Abigail Brocato,, Victoria Aung, Mary Arscott, Shannon Edwards, Britanny Henry, Kirstie Henry, Maggie Deppe-Walker, Kevin Carchia, Sam Fisher, Anthony Grimm, Tyler Brocato, Gabriel Lao, Michael Carchia, Kent Codding, Alex Aung, Richard Myers, Henry Rudisill, Coray Marcelo, Jet Pham-Tom, Decker Barborek, Kyle Cassidy, Michael Lee, Carl Mass, Brendan Kapp,Samuel Jackmore, Wilson Friedstad, Ryan Boll, Dillion Jiang, Jake Deeley, Noah Carpenter, Harry Oldfield, Samuel Dallstream, William Paley, Connor Johnson, Thomas Holtslander, Taylor Whitesel

TYR Cup Diplomat Holiday Classic Meet- December 9-11, Lancaster, PA

Good Luck to our swimmers who will be traveling to Pennsylvania this weekend!

Sarah Ahson, Riley Allison, Faith Alston, Rachel Anderson, Hannah Basl, Elise Bourdelais, Theresa Boyd, Morgan Bui, Kyle Cassidy, James Chung, Kent Codding, Logan Coulson Moore, Gillian Crews, Alexa Cuomo, Kylie Cuomo, Maggie Deppe-Walker, Grace Gartman, Anthony Grimm, Brandon Henry, Kirstie Henry, Allison Hickey, Megan Hickey, Alexandra Hunter, Matthew Jones, Natalia Joslyn, Rylie Kiefaber, Fletcher Madsen, Peter Makin, Isabella Manzione, Grace Meshanko, Miles Oakley, Anna Ober, Justin Ortega, Jackson Philippart, Maggie Rodgers, Rachel Rogers, Mackenzie Schuler, Ellen Shriver, Andrew Smith, Joseph Spaziani, David Stewart, Elena Summers, Rachel Ward, Julia Young, Lauren Young
Check the News tab and the Facebook page this weekend for updates from Lancaster.