2012 LAC Partners & Links
Weekly Update

 Hello All Aquacowboy families.  It's been another exciting week for our team as swimmers have gotten back into the flow of practices and we have Coach Lisa on deck with us again, getting re-aquainted with her groups.  We continue to stress distance per stroke, working hard, working smart and working together!  

This Saturday Coach Leslie and I will have the opportunity to go to the Pacific Swimming Coaches' Clinic.  This clinic is put on every year with the intention to educate swim coaches on the leading edge ideas in the sport.  This year we are fortunate to be able to hear Olympic Coach David Salo who is head coach at USC.  He is one of the great innovators in the sport.  We will also hear Olympic Swimmer and Cancer survivor Eric Shanteau.  We are looking forward to some great learning and I am happy that Coach Leslie can continue her coaching education with us as she will be involved in the Spring Programs and hopefully as our team grows, will have a steady role.  This clinic is being paid for by LVTC because it is an educational opportunity, and no funds are being used from the board for this particular event.   

Following the Coaches' Clinic, two of the presenters from USA Swimming Headquarters will be coming to visit our team on Monday the 9th.  This is a special opportunity for our parents, coaches and swimmers.  Bill Krumm and Tom Aviscious are both former coaches with over 20 yrs experience each who are now executives with USA Swimming's Club Development Program.  They picked a handful of swim teams in the Bay Area to visit after the clinic and the Livermore Aquacowboys were one of them.  We were picked because in their view we are an up and coming team in the area who they would like to help move to the next level.  The coaching staff and Dezi will be meeting with them for lunch on Monday and they will come to the pool with us afterward.  They will advise us on training methodology, organizational structure, and strategies on how to continue to improve our team.  From 430-500 Bill and Tom will meet with any available parents either on deck or in a conference room.  From 500-530, they will meet with the Board of Directors.  They will also watch practice and may participate in coaching at some point.  We are very excited for this opportunity and I hope we can take full advantage of it by having as many parents participate as possible.  Thank you to all parents swimmers and coaches for helping us achieve the level where we are recognized by USA Swimming.  Now let's soak up some great information and get even better!  

On a similar theme of continued improvement at higher levels, it's important to note that Trent Trump from the Senior Group was selected to represent Pacific Swimming in the National Distance Training Camp to be held January 26th through January 29th.  Trent will fly to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs in order to participate in a camp for some of the best young distance swimmers in the country.  He will have meetings with some of the best coaches in the country and he will be able to train at the Olympic Training Facility.  We are excited to see Trent experience this great opportunity.  Focused effort and a continual concentration on distance per stroke and technique have paved the way for success for Trent.  Way to go!  

Here is a note from Coach Lisa and some Highlights:

It's great to be back with LAC! Thank you to Coach Alex and LVTC for the support and flexibility during this special time. Thank you to Coach Leslie for doing a great job in helping all the athletes continue to progress towards big goals. Isaac is almost 3 months and has been a healthy and a (mostly) happy baby! I appreciate all the support from the great families we have on this team. 

​Novice - Great seeing new leaders like Jonathon, Melinda, and Sophia B. stepping up in the group. For those swimmers not doing summer league we have 2 big meets coming up this Winter/Spring, Zone 2s and 10&Under Champs. Zone 2s is February 4-5 and requires B time standards. 10&Under Champs is April 28 and requires A time standards. Please make C/B/A meets a priority to attend for more chances to reach new time standards.

​Junior 2/Pre Seniors - I've seen some impressive swimming this week: Matthew and Brandon swimming lifetime best 200 frees, Jared B. challenging his teammates, Sarah and Caroline swimming with consistent DPS, and Joey putting great effort in improving his kick. If you are not planning on swimming summer league make sure you sign up for all meets and maximum number of events.
Here are some highlights from the groups I work with:  
Junior 1:  It is great to see some new Leadership coming from Collin, Larissa, Jacqueline, Hannah, Zander, Franco and Hunter.  We have some new swimmers in the group who are doing an outstanding job:  Alden, Annalysse, Minh-Yha, and Kylie.  It is so exciting so see the improvement of these swimmers!  We are working on kicking and distance per stroke knowing that setting up great fundamentals is setting up a great future in the sport.  We are looking forward to SRVLA and Zone 2's for those swimmers who are not doing summer league.  
Senior Group:  We've had some awesome training sessions over the past two weeks and the chemistry and attitude of the group is the best it's ever been.  People are beginning to buy into the idea that consistent focused effort reaps great results.  This has always been true for individuals in the group but now we are beginning to see the shift to the whole group.  Great work from newcomers Jenna, Josh, Alex, Christine, and Leah.  This is the first year in the group for all of these swimmers and they are stepping up to the challenge this week.  Also great work by Nina on staying positive when tired and being an encouraging teammate to others.  Nathan Boas has been exceptionally strong in practice and more consistent than ever.  Let's keep up the great practices one by one!  
Thank you all parents, swimmers and coaches for the great work you put into this program.  Thank you LVTC for your continued support.  Have a great week!  
Coach Alex