January Update for Parents

Good Evening –

I promise that I won’t make this a habit - 1. because I am not that interesting and 2. I am not that good a writer - but I wanted to say a few things so thanks in advance for letting me ramble.

First, I hope that everyone had a good holiday. If you were able to attend the holiday party (and many of you were) it was a great success. A special “Thank You” to Shefali and the coaching staff for putting everything together and making it such a fun night. And thanks to the kids' relay teams for showing such good sportsmanship as the parent's teams kept beating them....keep practicing kids.

Next weekend is the Savannah meet. It is always a fun weekend and this year should not be any different. NFS is going to be well represented and it will be fun to see what the kids can do with so much practice time between meets. Remember to bring chairs as there is a lot of (indoor) deck room at this pool and we usually get our spot to the right when you walk in (near the concession stand). Also, a quick side note to those of you who have never been there and are traveling with a GPS – for whatever reason you will probably be told to take a left (or right depending on which way you are going) to get the pool on Salle Mood Drive. If you do that you will end up at a dead end. The pool is the same direction as the baseball fields and Humane Society.

After Savannah is when things will start getting fun. As you may have heard, we are hosting our first meet in a very long time. This is a learning experience for many of us but luckily Coach Erin and Coach Carol are pros so we are following their lead. There are still lots of open spots on the job sign-up page so please take a look at that and help when you can. This is a big deal for our team and we need everyone’s help. If you have younger swimmers and are concerned about working when they swim please consider volunteering for the morning and evening sessions or if you have older kids, then think about volunteering when the younger kids swim. It is going to be a long weekend, but as has been said many times “if everyone does a little, then no one has to do a lot”.

There is a parent meeting this Tuesday which will go over many of the details and will prep everyone for what to expect. I highly recommend that you attend if you can. We plan on hosting many more meets in the future and the more experience we can get, the easier it will be.

And speaking of volunteers, our board is working on forming committees and seeking volunteers to take the lead of committees like Social, Travel, Apparel, Awards, Website, etc. We will have more information soon but if you are interested in helping the team in any way just let us know.

Lastly, if you have been to a practice over the last few weeks you have seen how well practices have been attended. It is a great site to see how our team has grown over the last few months. The kids are having fun and look really good. Having a top-notch coaching staff is a big part of that, but it can also be attributed to our parents. We have been very lucky at NFS that we have always had great families. Or maybe it isn’t luck, maybe we a just a common place for sanity…who knows. But as we are the “hot” team and our kids continue to improve as swimmers the “noise” will probably become louder.

Over the last few months, I have heard rumors such as “NFS does not let parents watch practices” or my favorite - that we intentionally under-seeded a relay at JO’s so that they would swim early, thus allowing the parents to take the kids to a theme park in the afternoon. If you hear anything concerning, please let the coaches or board members know. I have no doubt that as a team we are building a program that will be one of the top programs in state and we are building it the right way…which may be a little intimidating to others.

Don't forget to check your team folder for awards or other team news or items (shirts, caps, etc.). If you are new and don't have a family folder yet, please send Steve an email ([email protected]) and he will get that up for you. Also, everyone should have received a shirt and a cap. If you don't have it, it may be in your folder. If not, please let me know and we will get it taken care of.

Thanks for your time.