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Strokework is paying off !

When coaches use the "Relay Finder" in the Team Unify meet entry program, it lists out the best relay line-ups for all the swimmers entered for that meet.  This is great for Freestyle relays but more challenging for Medley Relays, If swimmers did not have a legal time in an event, it will spit out only one or two relays for entry purposes and coaches would have to "hope and pray" that the remaining relays put togther would be legal at the meet, and that swimmers would not be nervous swiming events they were uncomfortable with.

When doing entries for the Executive meet this weekend I was amazed that, for the very first time, the computer spit out FOUR legal MEDLEY relays for the 8-under Girls!   That means a legal Fly, Back, Breast and Free for each of the four relays, without having to borrow an A or B relay swimmer to do Fly or Breast on a C or D  relay.

No guessing. 

No crossing of the fingers. 

We had sixteen aged 8-under girls that had swam enough legal events, in many strokes, that we had an entry printout that included them all.