Training Trip Most Memorable Moments

SVY 2011 Training Trip in Key Largo, Florida

My most memorable moment …

It was so much fun to go to the boats and go snorkeling on day 5.  The trip has been the best one I have been on over the past 3 years.  Tiny is one of the coolest people I have ever met … maybe cooler than Matthew Donovan.  J  (Jacquelynn Parker)

It was funny when the boys sang on the bus.  (Lindsay Temple)

Best moment was when Rachel Stoddard grabbed hash browns for me with her bare hands from the breakfast platter.  (Julieyanna Parker)

My roommates, Reeve Lanigan and Emma Sommers were the best!  I got to know them so well, as well as everyone else on the trip.  I also enjoyed working hard in the pool and building new and better friendships out of the pool.  Doc’s Diner’s food was AMAZING!!!  Tiny is also one of the coolest guys I have ever met!  (Emma Kohlenstein)

I had a great time in Key Largo.  I got to meet new people, hang with my friends and swim fast.  My favorite time was when we were snorkeling and partying on the bus.  (Reeve Lanigan)

I really enjoyed spending time with my teammates and going snorkeling was a lot of fun.  (Brianna McKenna)

When me and Kyle went on a quest to find turtles.  We were stuck in the freezing ocean and had to maneuver through a mine field of jelly fish.  I only got stung once.  (Victor Luo)

My favorite moments were down on the docks at night during free time and hanging out with the team.  (Jason Tan)

It was a great experience all around.  I got to meet a lot of interesting people along the way and of course had an amazing team bonding experience.  I’ve also worked harder than I’ve ever worked before.  I will NEVER forget about this trip!  (Michelle Kierencew)

I loved the whole experience.  I went through the hardest practices and then 15 minutes later I was laughing and having fun with my amazing teammates.  (Katrina Kuhn)

The first night on the dock.  The view of the sunset was amazing.  (Jeff Donovan)

Meeting the best bus driver ever, Little … oh wait Tiny.  (Katie King)

Sitting on the edge of the catamaran for 20 minutes to only travel about 15 feet away from the boat into jellyfish filled waters of Key Largo with Katie King and my awesome brother.  (Holly Christensen)

Eating better this week at Doc’s Diner than I have in my entire life.  Best food ever!  (Emma Sommers)

When me and Victor were the only 2 left out in the ocean looking for turtles and on our way back we were freaking out because of all the jellyfish.  We only got stung twice! P.S.  No turtles  (Kyle Surette)

Beating Ethan in hanging with friends, he’s pretty bad …. (Jesse Novak)

Had an overall great time.  I enjoyed the hotel a lot and especially had fund sitting under the stars on the docks with my teammates.  (Michael O’Brien)

Had a great time in Key Largo!  Best place was going out into the ocean to go snorkeling!!  (Matt Wong)

We worked as a team.  I would not have survived this week of training without my teammates.  They helped push me through the challenges and excessively supported each other at every practice.  This group of athletes and friends made my week.  I had a blast in Key Largo.  (Kevin Hong) 

You really get to bond with your team and have tons of fun.  (Jessica Ambrose)

Swimming through a jellyfish forest looking for non-existent turtles.  (Ethan Louie)

Rooming with Victor, Nick and Andrew, meeting Tiny, feasting at Doc’s Diner and swimming with jellyfish.  (David Chung)

Hanging out with Nick at CVS, joking with Donny, eating too much junk food.  (Bora Sebuktekin)

Meeting Tiny, getting through the hard practices and Doc’s Diner.  (Brendan King – AKA  “BK”)

Tiny was awesome and looking forward to Doc’s Diner is what got me through morning practice.  Also being only one of the few people to see a turtle while snorkeling was cool.  (Brad Zdroik)

Hanging out and having fun with my teammates.  Also liked when Coach Matt talked about competition and goals in the team meeting, i.e. Luke.  (Dylan Sali)

Meeting Tiny, rooming with 3 awesome girls (Dana, Brianna, Jess), team meetings and bonding.  (Rachel Stoddard)

This training trip has been quite the experience.  Although there were extremely difficult practices, the gorgeous weather, awesome events (snorkeling) and great teammates surrounding me the entire time have made this an awesome experience I do not want to forget.   Also, watching the coral reefs and the fish within while floating around with Victor and Coach Dan (everyone else too scared to jump in). J  (Carter Christensen)

Overall, I had a lot of fun, but I really enjoyed eating at Doc’s Diner and snorkeling.  (Dana Yu)

I had a great time.  Good food and very friendly people.  Loved snorkeling too!   (Andrew Nesbitt)

I loved snorkeling and the food was great!  This was a good experience and I look forward to next year!  (Joe Del Buono)

I had a good time.  (Nick Agnello )

During the team building event when Jason Tan said I have a few loose and I came back with and that this coloring book is his reading level.  (Michael McKenna)