Weekly Update

TYR Marlin  Invite (Feb 3-5th) The deadline (Jan. 1st) to register your swimmer for this meet has passed. The meet information is on the website under this event. Entries are complete If you want to check what your child is swimming.

Blue Ash Teddy Bear Splash Meet (Feb. 3-5th) The deadline to register for this meet has passed. The meet information is on the website under this event. Entries are complete if you want to check what your child is swimming.

Ohio Regional Meet (Feb. 16-19th) The deadline to register for this meet is January 31st. Please speak with your individual age group coach as to whether your swimmer should attend this meet.

Marlin Championship Qualifier (Feb. 28th)   Only certain swimmers will compete in this meet. Please check with your individual age group coach to see if they are to be entered in this meet.

Y National Parent Meeting  This is just a reminder that there will be a parent meeting for all Y National qualifiers and potential qualifiers on Thursday, January 26th at 6:30pm downstairs at the Y. All parents who should attend this meeting have been e-mailed. Please speak with Jeremy if you have any questions about this. Jeremy will be e-mailing out all necessary forms so please bring these with you to the meeting.

Hotels for short course YMCA CHAMPS  All hotel information is on our website under the HOTEL link (you must be logged in to view this). Please note that one of the blocks we have is already full. This meet is held at Miami University and the top 18 swimmers for the 9-10 and up age groups make it back to finals at night. Please plan accordingly.

Annual Pep Rally   We have tentatively schedule our annual pep rally for Monday, February 27th in the dome at 6:30pm. There will be pizza served!!

Lunch Gatherings for AB parents! **Please note change** - AB Lunch- We will be meeting at the Korea House - a restaurant owned by our very own Choi Family (William - Blue and  Ben - Junior)  on Friday January 28 at 12:00.  Please rsvp to Carla Kapostasy and come on out and have some delicious food while supporting one of our own Barracuda families. carlakapo@gmail.com

Pictures for website  If you have some pictures of the swimmers during the season, please email the to Keith (kferrara@cinci.rr.com). He is going to try and rotate them through the website as the season progresses.

Thank you  Thanks to both Grant and Cate Campbell for filing all the awards from the PCY and Carmel meets!

Swim Team Fees Past Due  Please call the front desk to check your account balance due for swim team. As always, all checks are payable to M.E. Lyons YMCA or you can pay by credit card/cash. All fees were due Dec. 15th.

2012 Graduating Seniors  Please get your senior picture to Cathi. Please e-mail this in jpeg format. This is needed for not only the banquet but also the video board at Y Champs. The senior questionnaire has been e-mailed so parents and their senior can start working on it for the awards night program.

Escrow IS YOUR ACCOUNT UP-TO-DATE??  All escrow checks/cash now go to Cathi Sander in the swim team office. As of now, you can go on line to view your escrow account. This needs to be in good standing in order for your swimmer to be entered into a meet. A negative number is a good thing! You should try and keep this account above $50 per swimmer at all times. Checks are payable to the ANDERSON BARRACUDAS.Several families only have a few dollars in their escrow account or owe money. If there is not enough in it to enter your child in a meet, they will NOT BE ENTERED!!

Instructions to view your escrow account (these were emailed to you on 10/29):

1.      Go online and sign in to the web page

2.      Check under "My Account" to view all billing statements.  Only Escrow is reflected.

3.      If your balance is in the RED, that means that you have a credit on your account and should be good to go.

4.      If your account is in the black, then you owe money.

5.      All ESCROW checks will still be made out to the Anderson Barracudas.  The should be dropped off at the YMCA in the back hallway and placed in Cathi Sander's folder.  Cathi will credit your account and then deposit the money into our banking account. 

6.      Once Cathi inputs your money, then you will see it reflected on the website.

7.      YOU MUST KEEP A BALANCE OF MORE THAN $50.00/SWIMMER AT ALL TIMES. If you are not in good standing, your child will not be entered in the upcoming meet. 


Awards Night 2012  Save the date: Monday, April 16th  2012! This is the date of our annual award night. It will be held at Nagel Middle School in Anderson.