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OnDeck for Parents Application Available for iOS or Android Devices

OnDeck Parent is the world's first mobile application designed for parents on swim teams. Born from the extraordinary success of OnDeck Coach, OnDeck Parent is available for free for parents on Swim Teams utilizing the SwimOffice Swim Team Management Platform from TeamUnify, such as DFAC.  (If you have seen coaches using their smartphones on the pool deck, now you know why!)  To download either the iOs or Android versions, go HERE. 

Busy parents will gain easy access to team news and up-to-date information on their children, including attendance for each swimmer, every swim meet swum, best times and upcoming swim meets and much, much more.

Furthering the power of OnDeck Parent are features that:

- Display detailed attendance histories for their children [swimmers] (Not currently used by DFAC)
- Manage each upcoming swim meet with timing and heat & lane assignments
- Interactively view every swim meet the team has swum by swimmer or roster
- Split Math calculator for goal setting
- Lots of preferences for personalization

The best news of all is that a simple tap of the “sync” button once signed into OnDeck Parent downloads all of the information needed. Simple yet powerful. OnDeck will enrich the experience of every parent on a swim team. We hope you enjoy.

When setting up OnDeck Parent for the first time you will be asked to enter your Username, Password, and the "Team Alias" to link information from DFAC.  That information is as follows:
Username: (Your email signon name used for DFAC website)
Password: (Your password used to signon to DFAC website)
Team Alias (case sensitive): widfac
For more help, there is an online video tutorial under "My Tutorials", but you must be signed into the website to access them.
If you have any questions, please contact