District Champs


The first of the Virginia Swimming Short Course Championship meets, the North District Championship Swim Meet, held at the Chinn Fitness & Aquatic Center in Woodbridge, VA, February 17-19, is now available for sign-ups.  This is another quick turn-around, entries are due no later than Saturday evening 2/4 at midnight.

This meet is for 14 & younger swimmers only. (Except 15 & older may swim the 1650 Free only)

9-14 year old swimmers may compete in any event and relay strokes in which they have a B or C Time, or a NT (NT meaning No Time of record for the qualifying period of January 1, 2011 - February 16, 2012, which means you have not swum that event and received a time during that period). 

8 & Younger swimmers may participate regardless of classification in 8 & under events.
8 & Younger swimmers entered in 10 and under events may not have a 10&U "BB" time or faster in the event entered.

15 & Older Swimmers may compete in the 1650 Free if their time is no faster than the 15-16 "C" time.

There is a distance session for 14 & Under on Friday evening. There is also a distance session follwing the Sunday afternoon session for 13 & over for the 1650 Free.

10 and 12 year-old swimmers agin up from February 14, 2012 to February 24, 2012 with times too fast to qualify for this meet will be allowed to compete under the following conditions:  10 or 12 year old swimmers who do not qualify for an event in their new age group at Region Champs may enter in this meet.  10 or 12 year old swimmers aging up between champs meets will be seeded  correctly by time but are exhibition only and may not receive an award.   

10 and younger swimmers will swim in the Saturday and Sunday morning sessions.
11-14 year old swimmers will swim in Saturday and Sunday afternoon sessions.

Please look over the list of events in the meet announcement and sign up to swim a maximum of 3 individual events per day by the BASS deadline of midnight Saturday February 4th.

**Please Note for all Championship meets: Virginia Swimming charges late entry fees as follows, so please sign up by the BASS deadline date listed above. Late Fees: In addition to the regular entry fee, a fee of $10 per event prior to the first day of the meet and $25 per event on or after the first day of the meet will be charged for any entry received after the entry deadline.