2012 LAC Partners & Links
Weekly Update

Hello All Aquacowboy Families, here is a short update for the week.  We will follow up next week with some highlights from Zone 2 Champs.  

Event Highlights:  

Santa Clara Senior Meet:  We had best times from Alex G., Josh, Sarah, Haley, Katie, Shelby and Alex W., and had best unrested times from Nina, Shahini, and Andrew.  It was great to be racing some of the best swimmers in Pacific Swimming and to be doing so well as a team.  


Zone 2's:  Make sure to wear LAC gear.  Make sure to be ready for warm ups by 7:30.  8&un's can be ready by 8:30.  This meet is an All-Star selection meet and everyone 14 and under should apply for the All-Star meet.  We have had a lot of our swimmers make this meet in the past and we are looking forward to having many Aquacowboys qualify this weekend!  

Relays:  If you are on a relay, please pay Coach Alex $2.25 as relays were paid by him in advance of the meet.  Relay swimmers are Megan W, Amanda, Tori, Sofia, Cat, Shahini, Jenna, Sarah, Nina, Haley, Katie, Shelby.  

Pleasanton Sr Meet:  March 3rd only.  This meet is for Senior swimmers or pre-senior swimmers with Senior times.  We are entering Saturday only.  All swimmers are expected to enter 4 events.  

Montclair Pentathlon:  This is a great FUN meet where T-shirts are awarded to the top 8 swimmers per age group.  This meet is for 14 and under swimmers only.  Be sure to sign up as it is the only meet in March for Non-Jo or FW qualifiers.  

Here are some highlights from Coach Lisa's groups:  

Novice - Great to see so many of you bowling, its fun to hang out with our friends outside the pool! This week, Michael suggested a challenge of a 400IM with no fins during practice. We stepped up with a ladder of a 100, 200, 300, 400IM! Great job, guys! Kristof and Gillian did an excellent job on our 20x25 @:30 on Thursday.  And we all have been improving our turns. Upcoming events: Montclair Pentathlon March 11. This is a FUN, one day meet!

Junior2/PreSenior - We put in a good week of work with some challenging sets. Megan W. and Nicolette led a great kick set, Joey and Jared B. led a great free set, and Celine and Matthew had a great IM set. Upcoming events: Montclair Pentathlon March 11. This is a FUN, one day meet!

Here are some highlights from the groups I work with:  

Junior 1-  We are looking forward to an awesome Zone 2 meet.  It was great to see so many of you bowling.  Practices have been getting better and better with outstanding swimming by Larissa, Hunter, Julia, Amanda and Franco.  We've done some tough sets in practice including 40x50 and 20x100.  We are working on our flip turns and fly/br turns and making good progress.  Make sure to sign up for the Montclair Pentathlon!  

Seniors-  It was great to see so many terrific swims at Santa Clara.  Practice performances have been getting better and better.  We are training tough consistently and are learning how to stay focused under stress.  Grades for the group averaged above a 3.5 in the first Trimester with several swimmers achieving above a 4.0 after AP classes were accounted for.  Way to excell in and out of the pool!  Be sure to enter PLS for Saturday.  

Thank you all parents, coaches and swimmers for the awesome encouragement and support you give to this team.  We are continuing to reach higher and higher levels each and every day!  

Coach Alex