SFTL Communication


Swim Fort Lauderdale Communication - "How do I contact the Coaches?"

To insure the best quality in a competitive swimming program, constant communication is a must. To help facilitate that communication with our new team, Swim Fort Lauderdale, we want to provide those means to you. Remember, the best communication is ALWAYS a two-way street.  If you ever feel that you need further communication, please feel free to speak with a SFTL Head Coach.

* All New SFTL Team Unify Team Website: Our team website will help keep you up-to-date on news, schedules, info, etc. Please check it regularly.

* Coaches Weekly E-mail Updates: Each coach will be responsible for sending out a weekly update to their respective training/practice group(s). These are to provide info relating to the group's schedules. meets, social functions, etc., in addition to team news.

* SFTL Coaches Posted Office Hours: Each coach will have his/her own office hours (outside of deck time) which will be posted. These are specific times that the parents can call or email the coaches and know that they are available to talk, respond, or answer questions.

* The Team Room/Bulletin Boards: We will begin using the SFTL Team Room (located on the deck next to the West competition pool). We will use the bulletin boards for psoting meet entries & to advertise upcoming team events.

* Team Mailboxes: Each training/practice group will have their own set of mailboxes. These will be placed on a table on the deck each day during practices. Make sure to remind your swimmer(s) to check their mailboxes before they leave the pool deck daily. These mailboxes will be stored in the Team Room if you don't see them on the deck.

* Coaches Team E-mail and Phone Line: Of course SFTL Coaches will always be available through the use of both the team email and phone

* On Deck Coach Availability: Coaches should be available to speak with parents 10-15 min. before and after practices. Parents, please refrain from speaking to coaches during the actual practice. We want to give the athletes 100% of our attention during practice. If a coach is interrupted, they are taking that attention away from the swimmers/group. We really need your cooperation with this.