Spring Fling timeline & volunteer job info

Follow this link to view the "estimated timeline" for the meet this weekend - please remember that this timeline is not set in stone and events will often start before or after the listed start time on this timeline.  It's our responsibility to make sure our athletes check in 1 hour before the start of their event.

THANK YOU to all of the families that have stepped forward and filled in most of the jobs needed for us to run a smooth - efficient meet. Thanks for your support!

We're still in need of some help with set up today at Finley Swim Center at 2 pm.  Anyone with muscles and desire to do some tent building, table and chair set up and general meet prep, please come out and help get this meet set up quickly. Thank you.

Today's practice at Ridgway is cancelled for all groups and kids have been encouraged to come to Finley today at 4 pm to warm up, practice dives and turns.  Warm up today is from 4-4:45 pm.  The competition starts at 5 pm.

Due to the long weekend that everyone puts in to make these meets great, we are cancelling Monday night's practice for all groups (elite see below).  We hope you all take this opportunity to enjoy a nice family dinner, catch up on homework and just enjoy being away from the pool for 24 hours.

Elite group will have practice on Monday at Ridgway from 5-6:30 pm (no dryland)

All events this weekend will be run fast to slow, so be on the look out when checking your heat and lane assignments.

All athletes in High School and competing for your respective school need to make sure they are listed as "Unattached" upon checking in at the clerk of course.

Thank you all for your support of Neptune Swimming and we're looking forward to a great weekend of fun in the sun!!