2012 LAC Partners & Links
Weekly Update

Greetings all Aquacowboy Families, it's been an awesome week of practice for our swimmers and we have some great events coming up!  

Here is a quote:  "At the heart of being accountable is the matter of caring."  Max de Pree 

Here are some upcoming events:  

Green and Black dual meet & Cal vs. Stanford dual meet:  8-10am Junior2/Pr Senior/ Senior group  (Seniors weights and warm up set 7-8am).  Be sure to be on time so we can make fair teams.  Meet at Lulu's mexican resturant 855 El Camino Real across from Stanford Campus at 12:15.  Meet starts at 1pm at Avery Aquatic center 235 Sam MacDonald mall on Stanford Campus.  

PLS Senior Meet:  Seniors and Pre Seniors with Senior 1 times only, Saturday only, March 2nd 

Montclair Pentathlon:  Saturday March 10th.  Be sure to sign up if you haven't already done so.  14&un swimmers only.  T-shirts awarded to top 8 finishers each age group, each gender.  

Here is some news from the groups Coach Lisa works with:

Novice -This group is handling more complicated sets, preparing them
for group advancement! Meadow has done a great job on keeping a steady
kick in freestyle, Katie has improved her freestyle breathing, and
Sarah B. has been working on some great underwater dolphin kick.
Upcoming events: Stanford vs. Cal men's swim meet TOMORROW! Montclair
Pentathlon March 10, please sign up for all the events!

Junior2/PreSenior - What a great week of training! On Wednesday Sofia
and Jared B. swam lifetime bests in the 100 free. Jared swam under 1
minute for the first time, at 58.3. Sofia swam a 1:00.7! On Thursday,
Celine swam 4x200 breasts all within 10 seconds of her best time. We
have also improved the small things, Rachel, Caroline, and Jessica
have improved their finishes. Upcoming events: Green vs Black dual
meet tomorrow morning 8-10am. Stanford vs. Cal TOMORROW! Montclair
Pentathlon March 10, please sign up for all the events!

Here is some news from the groups I work with:  

Junior 1 group:  Outstanding improvements by Hunter and Larissa.  Some great underwater kicking efforts by Jared T. and Megan H.  We are excited to see you all at the Montclair Pentathlon.  Franco is fractions of a second off of Matthew Hayes' record in the 50 free.  Minh-nha is very close to the 8&un record in the 25 breast.  Annelyse is very close to the team record in the butterfly events.  We welcome Jonathan to our group, you're doing a great job!  

Senior group:  Another outstanding week of training.  Katie, Haley, Trent, Alex W., Shelby and Nathan did a great job on a set of 300 fr's in the beginning of the week, with several lifetime best practice swims.  Nina and Andrew continue to excell on 200 pace sets.  On Tuesday's speed set, Shahini, Josh, Sarah and Alex G. all beat lifetime best 200 times by over 5 seconds multiple times.  Haley and Nina both swam broken 200 fr's under 150.  Alex W. swam a 156 200 fly with fins on, and Jenna has been doing a great job in adding power to her long freestyle stroke.  Stephen and Christine continue to work hard on their kicking and will be ready to race when the time comes.  

What a great week.  Thanks to LAC BOD for meeting this week to continue to help guide our team.  We will be having a movie night on Friday the 24th!   Details on this and other great team building activites to follow.  Thanks to all parents and kids who bring your excellence to this team.  The love and dedication you show this team and each other is awesome!  

Coach Alex