Great weekend of swimming for GOAL!


GOAL just finished a great weekend of swimming a few days ago at the Division 1 Qualifier Meet at Lincoln Northeast H.S.  Eighty-three GOAL swimmers competed, achieving best times in 70% of their total races, and averaging a 1.7 second drop per race. 

GOAL swimmers achieving their first D1 qualifying times of the season were:  Erin Darby, Collette Gillaspie, Hunter Silvey, Ethan Schmaderer, and Jayden Scholz. 

Swimmers who swam to personal best times in all of their events were:  Amanda Allbery, Elia Biros, Grant Blasing, Anna Capoun, Erin Darby, Michael Franco, Collette Gillaspie, Patrick Gillaspie, Sarah Gosch, Alex Jones, Jessica Jones, Max Kobs, Sydney Kobs, Delaney Kottke, Katie Mashanic, Mimi McLeay, Henrik Nelson, Cahner Olson, Kadin Ramet, Quinn Ramet, Brooke Rathbun, Karl Schaenzer, Ethan Schmaderer, Hunter Silvey, Nate Singh, Shay Snow, and Jon Tschida.

Remember that the deadline for getting entered in the D1 Championship Meet is Monday Feb. 27.  Great job GOAL swimmers, finish strong!