2012 LAC Partners & Links
weekly update


Greetings all Aquacowboy Families.  It’s been a great week in the pool.  A lot of high level learning has been happening and we are excited to be coming into a month of racing in March. 


Here is a quote for the week:


“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” ~ Harry S Truman“


Here are some upcoming events: 


2/24, Tonight:  Movie Night!  7pm, club room, Despicable Me $2.  It is sure to be a lot of fun and a great team building night. 


3/3:  PLS Senior Meet Saturday only


3/10: Montclair Pentathlon


3/16-18:  JO’s San Ramon


3/29-4/1:  Far Westerns Morgan Hill


Here are some highlights from the groups Coach Lisa works with: 


Novice - We have had an excellent week as a group for training. All of

our starts (thanks to such warm weather) and turns have gotten much

better! We have had great swimming by Kristof leading his lane,

Jessica consistently dolphin kicking 8x25 no breath, and Tyler

improving his distance per stroke.  Upcoming events: MOVIE NIGHT

tonight at 7pm, in the Clubhouse, $2 each! Montclair Pentathlon March 10.


Junior 2/Pre Senior - Less than one month until Junior Olympics! Some highlights from this week have been watching leaders emerge, keep it up Sofia, Megan F, Brandon, and Celine! Allie had a great set of 20x100's, Annemarie led a great butterfly set, and many in the group were able to swim 40 yds without breathing - Cat doing it 4 times! Upcoming events: MOVIE NIGHT tonight at 7pm, in the Clubhouse, $2 each! Montclair Pentathlon March 10.


Here are some highlights from the groups I work with: 


Junior 1:  Hunter, Jacqueline, Larissa, Franco and Taber continue to be good leaders in the group.  Alden has done a great job on distance per stroke freestyle and breaststroke this week.  Megan Hill did a 50 fly under 40 seconds with arms out front and the proper rhythm.  Minh-nha got 3 out of 4 best times (All A times)  at the Walnut Creek Meet.  Almost everyone in the group make 7x 50 free on 1:00 without stopping.  Upcoming events, Movie night, Montclair Pentathlon and JO’s. 


Senior Group:  Nina has had another outstanding week of practices as has Katie.  Alex W. and Alex G. make all of their threshold 100’s of backstroke.  Last Saturday Trent went under 5:00 in practice for the first time ever in a 500 free.  Haley has been doing some great backstroke sets.  Jenna continues to develop and excellent long and powerful freestyle.  Shahini and Christine did a good job working on stroke technique this week.  We are looking forward to the Pleasanton Senior meet this coming Saturday. 


Thank you all Aquacowboy Parents for the excellent job you do with your kids.  We are looking forward to an awesome Spring Season watching some of the great fundamentals the kids have been working on in practice, come out at meets! 


Coach Alex