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March Calendar

Howdy Jets,

    The March Practice Calendar is posted at 

   What a fantastic weekend down at the Silvers Championship Meet in Binghamton, NY.  Congrats to all of our swimmers and families who enjoyed a weekend filled with best times, gold cuts, and a great team dinner at the hotel.  As usual, Sunday night finals did not disappoint...several gold cuts, lots of best times, and a box of thin mints to go along with the fun.  Next up...Mexico this weekend, then the District Championships in Rochester, then USA Sectionals, then the Eastern Zone Championships...oh the fun never stops!

     While we were having our fun down there, there were also several JETS college kids enjoying themselves at their conference meets.  Stand-outs included Carly Jones (won 3 events in Ithaca College, Championship Meet, and Conference record time and NCAA "A" cuts), Jeff Rapp (conference titles, school record and NCAA "B" cuts), and Becky Evangelista (UB School Record).  I love getting the text messages with the results from our college kids this time of year.  I know there are more out there...Zoe McCauley (Uof Rochester), Bridget Festa (U of Rochester), Sarah Stroup (Carnegie Melon), Shane Donovan (Canisius), Cory Spado (RIT), Chris Cadwell (Ithaca), James Walker (LeMoyne), David Campbell (Carnegie Melon), Mick Tarsel (Clarkson),  Dan Walton (Nazareth), Rachel Hayes (Nazareth), Kasey Simmons (Oswego), Paul Telesca (Clarkson), Mary Chidsey (LeMoyne), Joe Hens (Clarkson), Nick Hens (Clarkson), Nate Menapace (Clarskon).  Google the results and enjoy looking at some fast times!