Welcome Coach Lisa

A swimmer among us is now a coach among us.  Lisa Ward officially joined the WCM coaching staff in January, 2012.   After working for WCM as a contract coach to develop the Walnut Creek Masters at Rossmoor program last year, her hire as a regular staff coach is fitting in order to continue the success of that program.   You can also expect to see her on the deck at Clarke pool and under the WCM canopy at swim meets.

Many of us know Lisa for her stellar swimming record, holding first places that are too numerous to count in every stroke in Championship, National and Open Waters events.  She is admired for her determined yet easy-going nature, so it is difficult to not gravitate toward her for leadership.   Until recently, she served on the WCM board.  She also participates in Pacific Masters leadership activities.   This will be her second year as meet director of the Pac Masters SCY meet in April.   Lisa has co-instructed the City of Walnut Creek Tri-team program, and spearheaded core groups of dryland training for WCM members.  Professionally, she is an instructor in the DVC athletic department, with a focus on aquatics.  She is always exploring new modalities in the field of personal fitness - -with emphasis on finding the balance between pushing the limits and pulling for self-preservation among adult athletes.

Lisa is honored to be a part of the WCM coaching staff.   Beyond the professional fulfillment to work   among the most successful swimming coaches in Masters Swimming, she understands the mission and vision of WCM, which she looks forward to uphold now in a coaching role.   “The team is such a positive influence in my daily life.  I'm happy to have the opportunity to help my teammates improve their swimming skills and hopefully help them have a sense of accomplishment and feel great when they exit the pool.  I'm honored to be a part of the WCM coaching staff. “

While her experience as swimming coach and instructor, triathlon trainer, and fitness educator offers an excellent base to elevate physical needs of swimmers, her essence embraces the psychology of athletics, compassion for the individual and the good of the Team.   Humorous, knowledgeable, clear, compassionate, positive, disciplined, realistic, practical… Years of being coached and being a coach allows one to cultivate a personal style that is as precious as it is distinctive.   It is not often that you will find a coach who will cheer louder or be a bigger champion for you than our new coach Lisa Ward! 

Lisa Ward Fun Facts

Spouse: Steve Ward

Children:  Ryan, Alex, Maddie

Pets:  Hunter  & Jinx

Nickname: Thelma (BJ is Louise)

Favorite Movie: Gone With The Wind

Favorite Food: Thai cuisine

Favorite Hobby:  Going on adventures with Louise and knitting (thanks to my teammate Mary)

Motto:  “Just Swim”