2012 LAC Partners & Links
Weekly Update


Greetings Aquacowboy Families, it’s been a great week of practicing at the LVTC pool!  Thanks to Dezi and Anne and all of the volunteers for helping to put on a great movie night with about 40 LAC swimmers participating! 


Here is a quote for the week: 


“Victory awaits him/her who has everything in order- luck people call it.” 

-Roald Amundsen, the South Pole


Here are some upcoming events: 


PLS Senior Meet:  This Saturday.  Sure to be a great meet with some lifetime best unshaved times


Montclair Pentathlon:  March 10th.  Let’s bring home some T-shirts for overall 1-8th place performances.  Remember you must compete in all 5 races to be eligible and have no DQ’s so let’s work on those legal turns in practice. 


JO’s:  March 16-18 at San Ramon.  This will be  a focus meet for our younger swimmers and a training meet for most of our older swimmers.  We are excited to see lots of best times. 


Here is an update from Coach Lisa:


Swimmers of the month, February:

Novice - Jessica

Junior2/PreSenior - Brandon


Novice- We have had a great week of focus! Sarah B and Kristof were motivated to be great leaders for the group. Karina has really

improved her kick in freestyle and Parker has improved her distance

per stroke in breastroke. It's great to see many of these athletes

preparing for a great summer league season.


Junior2/PreSenior - Highlights from this week include Megan F,

Brianna, and AnneMarie leading a great set of 100 frees. Also,

watching Caroline, Jessica, Jared B, and Sofia push each other in a

DPS speed set. On Thursday we finished with a broken 100 for time,

maintaining a long stroke count. We had 19 out of 20 swims matching or faster than lifetime bests, including Victoria beat her lifetime best

time by 10 seconds and VJ by 6 seconds. Upcoming events: Sees Candy Fundraiser, Montclair Pentathlon, and Junior Olympics!

Here is an update from the groups I work with: 


Swimmers of the month, February: 

Junior 1:  Amanda

Senior:  Alex W. 


Junior 1:  These swimmers are doing great in practice working on catch up freestyle, great kicking and increasing their ability to focus for longer periods of time.  Megan and Jared swam 16 seconds in 25’s of fly on Thursday in a licorice challenge.  Alden Dean beat the existing 8&un team record for the 25 bk for both LAC and Fireballs in practice swimming an 18.  Franco and Larissa continue to be leaders on tough sets. 


Senior:  We had a wonderful February of training with some great strides on distance per stroke, dolphin kicking, and threshold training.  On Tuesday’s speed day we had the majority of people beating best times on broken swims.  Some standouts include Shelby, Katie and Trent pacing faster than Santa Clara International times, Nina doing a broken 100 bk at 55.1, Haley doing bk at 58.8, Alex W. beating his best 200IM by 6 seconds and Shahini beating her best 200IM by 9 seconds.  We are looking forward to a great meet this Saturday with some lifetime best times, some best unshaved times and are excited to be heading into our competition phase of the season. 


Thanks all parents for the awesome job you are doing in supporting your kids and this team.  We are looking forward to another great week! 


Coach Alex