2012 LAC Partners & Links
Weekly Update


Greetings Aquacowboy Families, it’s been a great week with lots of new faces at the pool during our Summer Shape up program.  LAC swimmers continue to improve skills in the pool and we are working at a higher level than ever before. 


Here is a quote for the week: 


“Freely chosen, discipline is absolute freedom.”  Ron Serino 


This quote makes me think of the great kids we have on our team who have a passion for swimming.  The discipline they choose to have frees them from having to make other decisions which may not be heathly for them (like watching too much T.V., spending time with bad influences, etc.).  In this regard, discipline truly does free a person up. 


Here are some results from past events: 


ALA meet:  Celine and Collin attended in hopes of qualifying for JO times and both were successful!  Congratulations Celine for reaching JO standards in the 100 and 200 breast.  Congratulations Collin for making a new JO time in the 100 fly. 


PLS Senior Meet:  Swimmers with best times at the meet included-  Haley, Nina, Alex G., Alex W., Jenna, Shahini, Sarah, and Josh.  This was a training meet so it was great to see so many best times! 


Here are some upcoming events: 


March 16-18:  JO’s.  We will have more swimmers than ever before competing at JO’s, over 20.  JO’s is a trials and finals event.  We are looking forward to seeing some breakout swims at this meet in San Ramon. 


March 29- April 1:  Far Westerns.  We have more swimmers qualified for Far Westerns than ever before.  We also have our first Far Western Relays with a relay for the 10&un boys team of Franco, Chris, Paige and Collin, and two relays for the 13-14 girls team of Cat, Jenna, Shahini, and Sarah, and Jenna, Shahini, Sarah, and Megan. 


SCSC Senior Meet April 13-14:  This meet is now open and is a great opportunity for our Senior swimmers to have Long Course Competition. 


Crow April 21-22:  This is a CBA long course meet open to all levels.  Please make sure to enter quickly as this meet will fill up fast. 



Here are some highlights from the groups Coach Lisa works with: 



Novice - It's been a great week with new faces in the group for our

Spring Shape Up! Welcome back : Amanda, Maggie, Ben, and Mia! As a

group we are getting great at our underwater dolphin kick - almost the

whole group can make it 20yards without breathing. This is a great

skill for these young athletes to have. Upcoming events: Crow Swim

meet April 21-22. And 10&Under Champs April 28.


Junior2/Pre Senior - We started the week out pretty rough. On Monday,

we talked about "calling each other out" in practice when we see

teammates not swimming with best technique, work ethic, or effort!

Like a family, we can feel comfortable to challenge other members, in

love, and it will only help our group get stronger. On Tuesday, we

came back with one of our best and hardest sets! Jessica, Megan F.,

and Tori were great leaders on that set and pushed themselves outside

their comfort zones! Upcoming events: We have some exciting weekends

coming up with Montclair this weekend, then JO's, and Far Westerns at

the end of the month!



Here are some highlights from the groups I work with: 


Junior 1:  What a great opportunity we have with this group to build the future of the Aquacowboys.  We have some great swimmers in this group who are doing an awesome job leading their lanes.  Good job Larissa, Franco, Megan and Hunter for stepping up this week.  Franco broke Collin Trump’s group record in the 500 free, going 7:57.  Melinda and Kylie P. have improved their focus.  We have welcomed some awesome summer shape up kids to our group.  Upcoming events:  JO’s, Crow, 10&un champs. 


Senior Group:  Considering that we are in finals week, the Senior’s training has been very impressive.  Attendance has been near 100% and people are putting in a great effort in practice.  On Thursday morning Trent did a set of 9x400 free descend.  Nina continues to put 50’s of bk in the 27-29 range in practice.  Alex W. has been a leader both by example of great work ethic and vocally encouraging others to do their best.  Shahini, Alex G., Jenna, and Sarah are resting for JO’s and look great in practice.  Andrew swam a best ever 50 bk in practice. Josh and Christine both beat or tied their best times in 100’s of fly on Tuesday.  We are heading into JO’s which will be a training meet for us, and Far Westerns, for which we will get a few days rest.  It looks like it will be a very exciting season for these swimmers. 


Remember there are new black hooded sweatshirts with our awesome LAC logo on them in the pro shop.  Let’s represent LAC at meets by wearing our team gear! 



Thank you all Aquacowboy parents for the unconditional love and support you pour into your children’s lives.  Thank you all B.O.D. members, LAC officials and Zone reps for the extra effort you put into making our team great!  Have an awesome week! 


Coach Alex