GOAL has a strong showing at the D1 Meet!

Many GOAL swimmers just finished a great weekend of swimming at the Midwestern Swimming Division 1 Championships this past weekend at UNO.  GOAL finished 3rd place in the team standings, 161 points behind runner-up Greater Nebraska Swim Team, and 1061 points behind team champion Lincoln Select Swimming. New Midwestern records were set by Jacob Molacek in the 100 & 200 breaststroke, 200 backstroke, and 200 IM, and by the Senior boys 200 & 400 medley relay, and 200 freestyle teams comprised of Will Raynor, Bob Glover, Jacob Molacek and Matt Medara.

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GOAL swimmers who scored points in individual events were (high point standings in parentheses):

10 & U girls: Elisabeth Hailu 79 pts (4th), Kayla Gornall 73 pts (5th), Hannah Hailu 4 pts (24th)

10 & U boys: Eric Melrose 7 pts (22nd), Ethan Schmaderer 3 pts (27th), Jayden Scholz 2 pts (32nd)

11-12 girls:  Molly Miller 62 pts (11th), Elizabeth Luddy 44 pts (14th), Ruth Hailu and Cassie Palmer 39 pts (17th), Shay Snow 28 pts (22nd), Brianne Sedlacek 8 pts (33rd)

11-12 boys:  Caleb Piti 80 pts (7th), James Turman 55 pts (12th), Nick Shotkoski 51 pts (14th), Kadin Ramet 26 pts (21st)

13-14 girls:  Anya Lindholm 41.5 pts (12th), Jenna Gornall 2 pts (38th)

13-14 boys:  Jake Hangren 60 pts (8th), Collin Piti 51 pts (10th), Michael Simmons 45.5 pts (12th), Nathan Singh 10 pts (30th), Jacob Chekal 9 pts (31st) , Jack Luddy 6 pts (33rd)

15 & O girls:  Lauren Gornall 47 pts (8th), Lauren Pavel 46 pts (9th), Alexa Gross 41 pts (10th), Dana Posthuma 32 pts (19th), Jeni Fendrick 17 pts (27th), Tasha Posthuma 10 pts (32nd), Antonia Franco 3 pts (40th), Jordy Kruse 3 pts (40th), Katie Schaenzer 2 pts (43rd), Paige Skidmore 2 pts (43rd)

15 & O boys:  Jacob Molacek 96 pts (1st), Will Raynor 80 pts (3rd), Bob Glover 58 pts (7th), Jack Turman and Justin Kozol 23 pts (15th), Matt Medara and Szymmy Day 21 pts (21st), Louis Landen 17 pts (26th), Marquise Jones 14 pts (28th), Michael Stein 10 pts (35th), Jim Glover 5 pts (40th), Karl Schaenzer 3 pts (46th), Jimmy Ahlgren 2 pts (49th)