DCST Rewrites Record Books at ISI Age Group State Meet

DCST Rewrites the Record Books at ISI Age Group State Meet

            DCST rewrote the record books at the ISI Age Group State Meet by setting 3 new Illinois State Records and 16 new team records.  In the Girls Ages 10 and Younger division, Athena Ye won the 50 yard Backstroke, 50 yard Butterfly and the 100 yard IM.  All three of her winning times in these events were new Illinois State Records!  Obviously, these times were also new DCST team records.  In her other events, Athena took 2nd in both the 100 yard Backstroke and 100 yard Butterfly with new DCST team records.  Abby Pardridge also set three new team records in the Girls Ages 10 and Younger division with her 3rd place in the 50 yard Breaststroke, her 8th place finish in the 100 yard Breaststroke and her 9th place finish in the 200 yard IM.  Pardridge continued her outstanding meet with a 6th place in the 100 yard IM, and a pair of 11th place finishes in the 50 and 100 yard Backstroke events.  Ye and Pardridge didn’t stop their recording breaking performances with their individual swims, as they teamed up with Grace Fergus and Megan LeBlanc to finish 4th in the 200 yard Medley Relay.  In the 200 yard Freestyle Relay, Ye, Pardridge, Fergus joined Sabrina Groce to take home 10th place.  Both relays set new DCST team records.

            In the Boys ages 13 – 14 Years Old Division, Daniel Hein set a pair of DCST records in the 100 and 200 yard Butterfly events with his 5th and 4th place finishes respectively.  Dylan Powers finished 5th in the 200 yard Butterfly, and his time was also under the previous DCST team record.  Hein and Powers with teammates Jacob Bjork and Tyler Schultz set a new team record in the 400 yard Freestyle Relay with their 10th place finish.  In the 800 yard Freestyle Relay, Hein, Schultz and Bjork teamed up with Austin Bockman to earn an 8th place finish.  Other top 16 finishes in this age group were:  Hein – 4th 200 yard Backstroke, 6th 100 yard Backstroke, 6th 200 yard IM and 10th 50 yard Freestyle; Bjork – 9th 100 yard Breaststroke, 10th 200 yard Breaststroke, 16th 1650 yard Freestyle; Powers – 11th 200 yard Backstroke.

            Six different girls teamed up to set 3 team relay records in the Girls ages 13 – 14 Years Old division.  Sarah Fergus, Kylie Olson, Alexa Miller and Jensen Keck were on the 400 yard Medley Relay; while Fergus, Miller and Keck swam with Serena Allendorfer on the 400 yard Freestyle Relay; and Bailey Fleming joined Allendorfer, Olson and Keck on the 800 yard Freestyle Relay.   In the individual events, Miller had a top 16 finish the 400 yard IM.

            Carson Klein, Paul Ruetten, Noah Dean and Garret Sims had a very impressive relay performance with their 14th place finish in Boys Ages 10 and Younger 200 Freestyle Relay.  Dean went on to earn a 9th and a 16th place in the 100 yard Butterfly and 100 yard Freestyle events respectively.

            As a team, DCST had 35 career best individual swims out of a total of 59 swims for a 59% improvement rate.  The swimmers listed below had a better than 50% improvement rate:

Abby Pardridge (6 for 6) – 100%
Sarah Fergus (3 for 3) – 100%
Athena Ye (5 for 6) – 83%
Jacob Bjork (3 for 4) – 75%
Nolan Fergus (3 for 4) – 75%
Daniel Hein (4 for 6) – 67%

            In team scoring, DCST finished 12th in the Girls Division, tied for 17th in the Boys Division, and 16th in the Combined Division out of the 94 teams entered in the meet.