Seven Team Records Fall At Age Group State Championships


The competition was fierce, but the Desert Thunder swimmers came out of the State championships with 7 new team records and an overall 11th place team finish, after an incredible third day surge to climb from 13th

For individual records Andrew Rangel and Ellinore Duncan took solid aim at the breaststroke records and broke 4 between the two of them.  Andrew Rangel reset his own 50 Breast record for 13-14 boys.  Two weeks ago he took the record from a former teammate along with the 100 Breast record in that same meet.  Ellinore Duncan broke all three Breaststroke records, the 50, 100, and 200, for the 13-14 age group.  All three records were formally held by Courtney Haney. 

Three relay records fell.  The 13-14 girls relay of Ally Padilla, Sierra Bigelow, Ericka Boeger, and Duncan broke the 200 Freestyle Relay record.  The 13-14 girls team of Padilla, Boeger, Duncan, and Diana Gomez also broke the 400 Medley Relay record.  The 13-14 boys relay team of Rangel, Levi Siwek, Jacob Garcia, and Simon Werkhoven broke the 200 Medley Relay record.

Overall the team finished 11th out of 31 teams.  This is the same place the team took a year ago, but is slip from the 10th place finish we had back in July at Long Course State Champs.  For the first 2 ½ days we were being held to 13th, but the team had a tremendous preliminary session on Sunday and we came into finals with 14 opportunities to score.  That surge took us from 13th with 301 points to 11th with 523 points. 

Ellinore Duncan visited the podium three times, all in the breaststroke events, with   1st place finishes in the 100 and 200 Breast and a 2nd place finish in the 50 Breast. 

Top 8 finishers included:

Ally Padilla                         100 Free (8th), 50 Back (5th)

Andrew Rangel                 50 Breast (8th)

Sierra Bigelow                  50 Fly (8th)

Dylan Edge                         200 IM (7th)

Boys’ 12 & Under 200/400 Medley and 200/400 Free Relays (all 8th)

Girls’ 13-14 200 Medley Relay (7th), 200 Free Relay (8th), and 400 Medley Relay (8th)

Boys’ 13-14 200 Free Relay and 200/400 Medley Relay (all 8th)


Top 16 finishers included:

Simon Werkhoven          50 Breast (14th) and 100 Breast (16th)

Andrew Rangel                 100 Free (16th), 200 Free (12th), 100 Breast (14th), and 200 Breast (12th)

Finnegan Lynch                                200 Back (16th), 50 Back (13th), and 100 Back (16th)

Levi Siwek                          200 Back (16th), 50 Back (12th), and 100 Back (12th)

Dylan Edge                         50 Fly (12th), 200 Free (16th), and 100 Fly (13th)

Jacob Garcia                       50 Fly (10th), 50 Back (14th), and 100 Fly (16th)

Sierra Bigelow                  50 Back (13th)

Ericka Boeger                    50 Breast (11th)

Diana Gomez                     50 Breast (13th) and 200 Breast (12th)

Ally Padilla                         200 Back (14th) and 50 Free (11th)

Ellinore Duncan                                500 Free (12th)

Gabe Rangel                      400 IM (14th)

Boys’ 13-14 400/800 Free Relays (both 9th)

Girls’ 13-14 800 Free Relay (9th) and 400 Free Relay (10th)

Boys’ 10 & Under 200 Free Relay (11th)


Overall, the swimmers completed the Age Group State Championships with 55% personal best times… a strong close to a great season! 


Great job Desert Thunder swimmers!