Timing Help Needed this Weekend (Area 1&4 Champs)


Dear NFS Families Attending the Meet this Weekend,

Our friends from Bolles have kindly requested our help this weekend with timing.  Let's send a message to all our colleagues and show them how gracious and helpful we can be (and wear your NFS gear proudly).  I know that we are all thankful that Bolles hosts so many local meets that our swimmers are able to attend.  Let's start a new tradition, as we're sure that making this gesture will also help us as we go forward and host more home meets.  (Pay it forward, Beautiful People!)  Bolles has said that they would compensate our team for the lanes that we time, which would go towards future parties, events, shenanigans, etc.  We know that NFS stands for Notoriously Fast  Swimmers, but did you know it also stands for Nice Friendly  Swimmers?!!  If you are willing to time, kindly shoot Coach Erin an email at [email protected].  Cheers and thank you for your kind consideration!