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Weekly update/ JO results

Greetings Aquacowboy Families, we're coming of a great JO meet where we had more people than ever make finals and had some good tough minded swims in the cold and wet weather.  

Here are some highlights from the meet:  

22 finals swims 

Caroline:  1st place 50 fly, 4th place 50 fr, 9th place 100, 200 fr, 100 fly, 11th place 500 free 

Tori:  Best time 200 breast 

Sofia:  Best Time 50 free 

Jenna:  Best time 50 free 

Shahini:  16th place 200 breast 

Celine:  Best time 200 breast, best time 100 breast  

Haley:  2nd place 200 back, Best time, 3rd place 1000 free, Best time 

Katie:  Best time by 5 seconds 200 bk, Best time by 53 seconds 1650, new Sectional time, 1st place 

Shelby:  3rd place 50 free, 6th place 100 free, Best unshaved 200 fly 

Franco:  16th place 50 free Best time, 11th place 50 bk, Best time 

Chris:  9th place 50 bk, Best time, 10th place 100 bk, Best time, 7th place 50 fly, Best time, New Team Record 

Collin:  New Farwestern time in 100fly but DQued :(

Brandon:  Best time 50 free, 13th place 

Alex G.:  Best time 100, 200 bk, 12th place in 200 bk 

Trent:  Best unshaved 200 bk, 1st place, Best time 200 fly, Best time 200 IM 

Alex W.:  Best times 200 bk, 200 fly, 200 IM, 200 Br

Andrew:  Best unshaved 100 fly

For the most part the kids did a good job staying warm and mentally engaged in these tough conditions.  It was great to see so many people get second swims as these experiences will help them in future Trials and Finals meets.  

Here are some highlights from last week with Coach Lisa's training groups: 


Novice - We did a great job this week on consistency! Good job Sophia
P. for watching the clock consistently, Meadow and Jack D. for having
a consistent kick in freestyle, and Kalea for consistently working on
butterfly technique. Upcoming events: Crow CBA meet, April 21-22, sign
up NOW! 10&under champs, swimmers with A times for faster, April 28.

Junior2/PreSenior - Good luck to our JO swimmers! They look great and
ready! We have had great efforts this week by Matthew and Anthony in a
tough butterfly set, Victoria making 20x100 free @1:30, and Jared H.
swimming a lifetime best 100 free (1:08) and Megan F. a JO and
lifetime best 100 back (1:05) as "Hero Swims"! Upcoming events: Far
Westerns, March 30-April 1. We have individuals and relays (9-10 boys
and 13-14 girls), it will be a great meet! Crow CBA meet, April 21-22,
sign up NOW! 10&under champs, swimmers with A times for faster, April

Here are some highlights from last week with my training groups:  

Junior 1:  We are starting to see some great practices from Annelysse, Minh-nha, Franco, Alden, Larissa, Megan and Hunter.  Remember consistency is key!  Amanda will move into the Junior 2 group next month as her practice and meet perfomance times show that she is ready for the next level.  Our group is doing a great job on underwater kicking and on long strokes on freestyle.  We are still working to improve our listening and focus skills.  Junior 1's be inspired by teammate Franco who has proven himself to be one of the best 10&un swimmers in Pacific Swimming, as well as newly moved up Junior 2's Collin, and Chris, who also had great meets this weekend.  If they can do it, you can too!  

Senior Group:  We are heading into our first stretch of rest for a long time.  Now these swimmers have the opportunity to sleep in before school, to recharge their bodies and minds and to get excited for some great swimming in Morgan Hill.  We are looking forward to seeing best times and seeing this group support each other and cheer each other on, after a great JO meet where there were some lifetime best times with very little rest.  Be sure to get on top of food intake after each practice session and believe for great things happening in the next meet!  

Thanks LAC Families for the awesome job you do supporting your children.  They are a great bunch and it is wonderful to see them striving to be the best they can be!  

Coach Alex