2012 LAC Partners & Links
Weekly Update

Greetings Aquacowboy Families.  As we gave an update after JO's, this week's will be a short update on the great practices each group has been having. 

Sat AM-  We WILL have practice with Coach Leslie 8-10 AM.  Senior group will be swimming Long Course in San Ramon. 

Here are some highlights from the groups Coach Lisa works with: 

  Novice - This week we had continuous improvements in technique and
endurance. Finishing Thursdays practice with 32x25's we had great
leaders by Sarah B., Paige, and Kristof.   We have worked a lot on
pressing our chest in butterfly and have seen great improvements from
Meadow and Parker. Upcoming events: there are 2 meets open for
registration - the Crow CBA long course meet and 10&under Champs (must
have A times to enter).

Junior 2/PreSenior - After a great weekend of performances at Junior
Olympics we have been motivated by our teammates accomplishments. Some
meet favorites was watching Brandon, Paige, and Chris make finals for
the first time and seeing our LAC athletes carry themselves with
confidence and enthusiasm. I see great attitudes built when teammates
push each other to their best, like Megan F., Brandon, and Celine
pacing each other in a challenging set, or Matthew and Joey finish
practice with a 50 freestyle dual! Upcoming events: with Far Westerns,
Crow CBA long course, 10&Under Champs, and High School racing season
it's an exciting time with many opportunities to race. Please make
sure you sign up early and wear your LAC gear!

Here are some highlights from the groups I work with: 

Junior 1:  It's awesome to see Taber and Jared stepping up to race some of the 11 and 12 years olds in our group.  We are working on fast kicking, long swimming, and on being tougher in challenging sets.  Yesterday Zander, Aracelli and Amanda made a challenge set of 12x50 flutter kick with a board, doing the last three on the minute.  Hunter continues to improve quickly and did his best 50 free time in practice.  We are seeing some great things from Annelysse and Minh-nha in practice as well.  Next meet, Crow CBA long Course April 21-22. 

Senior Group:  We are having some rest this week in preparation for Far Westerns.  While the yardage hasn't dropped tremendously, we are sleeping in in the mornings and doing less intense work in the afternoon and no dryland.  We are looking forward to a great team effort at Far Westerns and are excited to see people getting best times.  Our speed sets have been great and the kids are honing in on the details of swimming fast by practicing fast starts, breakouts, turns and finishes.  We have talked a lot about getting pumped up for each other and believing in each other.  We have also talked about the great value of sleep and proper nutrition.  The kids are doing great! 

Thanks all parents, coaches and swimmers for the value you place on being your very best and bringing out the best in others.  Have a great week! 

Coach Alex