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NHSA States summary - Part 2

One one-hundreth of a second.

That’s what won the meet for us. 


That’s the smallest margin there is in swimming.

Reading the summary from yesterday you may come away thinking that the 15-19 age groups pulled us through.  That they were the "heroes" that saved the day because of relay margins averaging half a second. (This is 50 times larger than one one-hundedth.)  There were many heroes this past weekend. I wanted to mention one in particular to make a point. 


 We had a 13-14 swimmer entered in a particular event on Saturday. They were seeded with exactly the same time in that event as a swimmer from one of the top 3 teams.  Neither was in the top heat, but both were in the top 16 for scoring.  They both improved their times, but EST's swimmer came away with a time that was one one-hundredth faster.  That 2 point "swing" was the difference!  Even a tie would have given us one point less ….. and we would have come in second by half a point.



Every team member is important. 

And not just for what they do in the water….. or the points they score.

*  Was that 13-14 swimmer a bit more motivated by their friends patting him/her on the back before their swim?  Was that motivation worth a hundredth?

*  What about the swimmers at the end of the lanes that cheered and screamed to pump them up to perform?

*  What about the posters or shirts that swimmers made during Spirit Week?  Each EST swimmer looked at them as they walked up to the starting blocks.  Could that have motivated them to be a hundredth of a second faster as well?


That swimmer was just one example of the hundreds of instances at the meet that were critical to our success. 

Another example:  We had a newer 7-year-old in tears before the meet.  It was a "different pool" and it was "big" and it was "loud" and it was "STATES!" This swimmer was feeling the pressure.  Her legs were shaking and she was wiping tears away as she stood on the blocks for the very first relay.  It was the toughest thing she had done all season.  But she did it and our relay swam great!  You should have seen the grin on her face as she was getting high-fives by the older swimmers after her swim.


That relay scored 16 points!  Each of those four swimmers contributed 4 points each to EST.  Each of those swimmers "won" the meet for us.


That’s why we stress that every team member attends this meet. 

YOU are important! 

Not just your times, but your spirit … your personality ….. your enthusiasm ….. and your support.


Please come to come to the end-of-season banquet on Sunday April 1st.  If you were thinking of doing something else, change your plans.  It will be worth it.


Here is the link to the Exeter Newsletter article on States:


Also, please pass this along to your swimmers so they can understand their importance to the team.  They often forget how one individual can make a huge difference.