Happiness is Happenings at 2012 SCY Championships

The new venue for the 2012 Pacific Master SCY Championship at the Soda Aquatic Center turned out to be an excellent space to host the 62 attending teams bringing together 709 swimmers from Northern California and beyond.   The officials and meet directors kept a timely schedule running two courses.  The volunteers and swimmers showed their determination persevering in pouring rain and blowing wind for the larger part of Saturday’s events.   Peter Guadagni, our new Pacific Masters Chairperson, presented recognition awards the Awards Ceremony.  And as he puts it, "Without a coach we're just a bunch of old folks who take off their clothes and get wet."

We all swim for many reasons.  Competition at meets is fun and rewarding whether you are making points for the Team or not.  The following summarizes the stellar performances of teams and our WCM swimmers.  (Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page!)  Congratulations to all for your athleticism!  Here is a link to the meet results:  2012 Pacific Masters Short Course Yard Championships.

Top Five Scores

1) WCM 3,652

2) USF 3,318.5

3) DAM 1,774

4) TVM 826

5) TCAM 729

Individual High Point Winners

Laure Davis

Alison Zamanian

Donna Monroe

Andy Nonaka

Roque Santos

Steve Stahl

Bryan Volpp

Jim Delacy

Bob Mayo

National Record

Men's 65+ 400 Medley relay

Pacific Records

Alison Zamanian: 1000 Free; 1650 Free; 200 FLy

Women's  35+ 800 Free Relay

Men's 55+ 800 Free Relay

Men's 65 + 200 Medley Relay

PacMasters Swimmers of the Year

Lauren Bredeaux 18-24

Roque Santos 40-44

Peter Guadagni 55-59

Ann Hirsch 80-84

Pat Prevetz 90-94      yesThanks for scrolling down.  Flying High in our photograph above and below is Gordon Bell. smiley

Submitted by Mary Williams