Summer Training Trip Information


Amberjax Summer Training Trip 2012


  • This trip is targeted for the Senior and Gold Groups but we will allow swimmers from the silver group on a case by case basis.
  • This training trip is a fun way to get in a lot of work done, while building team chemistry and having some fun along the way.
  • The trip will start 8 AM with practice at EHS on the 2nd of June.  The bus will depart soon after practice.
  • We will be taking a school bus and two other vehicles on the trip.
  • 4 or 5 coaches  and other chaperones will be going on the trip and chaperoning all swimmers.  There will be both male and female chaperones.
  • Depending on the hotel and location there will be 3 or 4 swimmers per room.
  • Special needs such as; meds, foods etc. will be addressed on a case by case basis.
  • On our way to Louisville we will be training with various swim teams.
  • We will be swimming 2 practices a day when not swimming in the meet. The meet is prelims finals Thursday, Friday, and Saturday June 7-9
  • Some of the events planned are:  Tour of Mammoth Cave (zip-lining), Activities at Stone Mountain (Hiking the mountain), Kings Island Theme Park, and Brunch at Churchill Downs. Whitewater rafting in Ocoee River Tennessee
  • Swimmers need to bring the full swim Bag, Team suits and caps, summer swimming clothes, and one set of nice clothes.
  • The cost of the trip is $900.  This cost includes; lodging, meet entries, fuel, and the cost of Stone Mountain, Mammoth Cave, Kings Island, and Churchill Downs, WW rafting, and all meals.
  • The money is due by 1 June
  • It is recommended that each swimmer bring an additional $200 dollars spending money souvenirs and shopping.
  • We will visit  4 college campuses along the way (University of Tennessee , University of Cincinnati, Center College, Georgia Tech)  We will meet with college  coaches and tour facilities
  • Swimmers will call for pickup when we are an hour out of Jacksonville.
  • We think this trip is extremely important and are encouraging as many swimmers to participate as possible.  We understand that this is a lot of money, so we will be helping the kids fund-raise for this trip in ensuing weeks.  Details to follow.
  • We realize that these dates conflict with the end of school for some swimmers.  Please contact your coach.  Working with your school early will make it easier to miss the last few days of class.
  • Please declare your intentions to go or not go, on the website under the MEETS tab.

    *****.  If there are any questions or concerns please contact Coach Doug @ 868-1490.