WCM Facebook... Page(?) Group (?) Both!


Our two places on Facebook serve two different purposes.  Our FB “Page” is administered by the Board.  It carries the WCM logo.  Amy Bradford is largely managing its posts.  On this page you will find brief communications regarding upcoming practices, WCM sponsored events, announcements, pool conditions, etc. 

Perhaps you would like others to know WCM is one of your “interests”.  Go to WCM FB page with WCM logo; click on the “snowflake or gear” dropdown menu and select “Add to Interest Lists”; click on “+ New List”; click Next and choose a list name (i.e. WCM or Walnut Creek Masters).  Then click “done”.

The WCM Group page is generally a tool to connect with other WCM members.  Please use it as a bulletin board to post announcements, classifieds, and social gatherings.   Members can initiate dialogue with other members.  It is largely unmonitored.  So, WCM memberships are not verified.  We ask that good judgment is used when posting comments.

Perhaps you would like to receive an e-mail when there is a new post on the Group page.  Go to the Walnut Creek Masters FB Group page; click on “notifications, then select “on”.  Also select “settings” to make sure your e-mail address is correct.

Please join both pages to stay current with WCM news.  Facebook icons on the Home page will direct you to each of the FB pages.