Coaches Proud of Area 1 Competitors

Coaches Proud of Area 1 Performances!

NFS Coach Reports from the Area 1 Championship meet show major improvements by NFS Swimmers of all ages!

Senior swimmers had impressive time drops and breakthroughs in how to swim races:  It can sometimes be difficult as a teen to drop your 50 time, but Lawson Bowes swam his best 50 ever at the meet! He also dropped time in his 100 Fly, and accomplished a feat that made his coaches supremely proud – he breathed every other stroke! Ashley Bucher did her best time in the 100 Breast, dropped 2.8 in the 200 Free and 2 seconds in the 100 Free. Lucas Bowes dropped his 200 free by 1.5 seconds and 100 Fly by a second and also improved his 50 free. Jessica Powell dropped 10 seconds in her 200 free, 8.5 seconds in the 100 fly and in the 500, she catapulted from 701.7 to 6:23.14!! Jessica’s brother, Jordan, dropped significantly too with a 27 second improvement in the 400 IM and a 15 second drop in the 200 fly! John Lamb has begun to rise to the challenge of working hard and it paid off with time drops in 6 events: 100 Breast – 4 seconds; 50 Free – 1.7 seconds; 100 Free – 4 seconds; 200 Free 2.5 seconds; 100 Back – 5.5 seconds, and 200 IM – 10 seconds!

In their first competition ever for NFS these NEW or almost NEW swimmer have enthusiastically jumped into the NFS training method and they had some great races: Brandon Bowen and William Roberts from the Senior group, Ryan Krejci and Lauren Krejci from the Green 1 group, and Green II swimmer, James LaCour!

Green II swimmer Cameron Sistare’s 100 Breast time fell by 3 seconds and he improved his 50 free by .7 and 200 free by .5 seconds. Alex Cook, after several weeks of swimming in major competitions, stepped up to do best times in the 400IM and 200Free, dropped 3 seconds in the 200 IM, 6 seconds in the 200 Breast and 1.5 in the 100 Breast. Jacob Rubin had a great meet too coming back after competing at FLAGS; he went a 33.78 50 fly leg on the relay and got under 30.0 on the 50 free.

Our GREEN 1 swimmers showed major improvements in technique and basic swim meet protocol at this meet. We were very proud of their attention to the details of swimming fast: legal turns, correct strokes, warming up and down, talking with the coaches after races, paying attention! They also dropped a lot of time! Ana D'Agostino had a full second drop in the 100 Back, 2.5 second drop in the 100 fly and she sneaked under 30.0 in the 50 free with a 29.9! She also managed a 2 second drop in the 50 Breast - which we coaches know will get even faster once she learns that little secret “point your nose to the bottom!” Sarah Stephens swam the 100 back 4.5 seconds faster than ever before and dropped ½ a second in her 50 breast. Lauren Krejci used a few new techniques to swim her 50 free 3 seconds faster, and Emily LaCour improved hers by 2.5 seconds. Julia Johansen kept the run going for the girls by swimming 5 seconds faster in both her 50 breast and her 100 back. Carson Roman bettered her 50 breast by over 2 seconds and improved in the 100 back by a second and a half. Megan Hickey shone in her freestyles, dropping .3 in the 50 Free and 2.5 in the 100 Free. Ally Ouellette’s 200 freestyle time fell by 6 seconds.

The boys from the Green 1 group brought out the NFS Pride with their 50 Breast swims. Grayson D'Agostino dropped 2.4 seconds; Cadu Johansen dropped 3 seconds; Alex Cywes a full second and Ryan Krejci – 13 seconds! They also did a great job in other events with Ryan improving his 50 free by 4 seconds, and Alex going faster in his 50 free by a second.

Blue NFS swimmer Cady Dorrian swam her 50 back with a 4 second improvement and Gabriel Lamb had a splendid 25 Breast – going 6 seconds faster!

So it was a great meet and a great end to our winter season. We coaches are truly proud of all our swimmers for their efforts and dedication and their ability to learn.

Thank you, parents, for spending your weekend at the meet, for driving to practices, for gently supporting your swimmer throughout the year. We coaches appreciate your time and support.

Congratulations swimmers!