2012 LAC Partners & Links
Weekly Update

 Hello All Aquacowboy Families.  We are having a great Spring on our team as we gear up for Summer league, High School Championship Season, and Long Course Season.   


Here is a quote for the week:  “I am not afraid of the person who practices a thousand kicks once, I am afraid of the person who practices one kick a thousand times.”  Bruce Lee


This quote makes me think of the swimmers on our team and how they do their very best to perfect the skills and drills we go over on a daily basis.  Learning this focus and discipline teaches the ability to persevere and improve through all circumstances. 



Here are some upcoming events: 


Movie Night for 12&uns-  Tonight at LVTC, 630-830.  “Meet the Robinsons.”  Make sure to RSVP and bring $3.  Thanks for LAC BOD and parent volunteers for setting up this great team building activity! 


SCSC Senior Meet-  This weekend.  We are looking forward to some great long course swims. 


Crow-  April 21-22, this will be the first long course meet of the season for many of our swimmers.  We are sure to have lots of best times. 


Swim Meet of Champions, Mission Viejo CA April 20-22-  Nina, Andrew, Trent, Haley, Katie, and Evan will represent our team in this meet which will feature former and prospective Olympians. 


Here are some highlights from the groups Coach Lisa works with: 


Novice: We are gearing up for most of these athletes to have a GREAT summer league season.  It's been a great week of improvements! Jessica has improved her butterfly timing, Maggie has improved her freestyle breath, and Tyler has improved his straight arms in fly. Upcoming events: Crow meet April 21-22, 10&un Champs April 28.


Novice swimmer of the month (March): Meadow


Junior2/PreSenior: After a great Far Western meet and Spring Break we have transitioned back into some good swimming. We have focused a lots on our dolphin kick this week and have seen improvements from Gabe, Megan W., and Matthew. Upcoming events: Crow meet April 21-22, 10&un champs April 28, and start checking your calendars and time standards for the Summer Sanders Invite in Sacramento June 9-10.


Swimmer of the month (March): Celine


Here are some highlights from the groups I work with: 


Junior 1:  We’ve had some fantastic practices the past week with Zander, Kylie, Julia, Larissa, Hunter, Annalyse, and Minh-nha really stepping up.  It is great to see Paige C. and Paige S. start to learn our drills and improve their kicking.  We have been working on long strokes, and on a lot of underwater dolphin kicking.  It will be great to see so many of these swimmers participate in the summer league and in 10 & un Champs.  Congratulations to Taber, Jacqueline, Franco, Minh-nha, and Megan H. for qualifying for 10&un champs. 


Senior:  After a great week of training during Spring Break, the kids in the Senior group are doing some exciting things in practice.  We had a great speed set on Tuesday with many people beating season and lifetime practice bests.  Nina swam a 57 100 bk in practice, Trent and Andrew both swam 36 for 75’s of free, Haley made 3x100 bk on 1:10, Katie swam a 1:03 100 IM.  Shahini and Nathan have been doing a great job on breaststroke sets in practice, Shelby has had some awesome negative split fly sets.  Alex W. is continuing to develop a great underwater dolphin kick. We are starting to see some power from Jenna in her DPS freestyle.  Alex G. beat his best ever 100 kick w board by 16 seconds.  It’s been great to see Stephen back swimming with his cast off and he has been leading on many training sets.  Josh and Christine both have very exciting High School seasons to look forward to. Sarah is working on staying healthy and consistent.  When she is at practice she does a great job.  It is exciting to think about how these swimmers will perform at the end of the season! 


Thanks all LAC families, coaches, swimmers and BOD, for the dedication and passion you put into making our team great!  It has been an inspiring season so far and we are looking forward to seeing what the rest of Spring will bring! 


Coach Alex