EBAT meet recap!!

The Very Late …. Recap of EBAT’s C/B/A+ meet at Mill’s College

(Colby & Mitchells Group’s write up will be posted very soon)

Lauren’s Group

Congratulations to all the EBAT swimmers who swam hard and had a great time at our first EBAT swim meet of the year.  I would like to give a big shout out to many of my little Bat Rays who had many great races at this meet. Lindsay Brown – Great job swimming 8 EVENTS at this meet.  It looks like you improved in many of your events. Alisha Zen – Great job swimming all of your events.  You looked especially amazing on Sunday! Dayton Garret- Great first meet!  You did an awesome job swimming the 100yd freestyle for the very time along with four other events.  I hope you had an incredible experience!  I can’t wait to see you at more swim meets! Sahir Hossainy- Great first meet!  Way to go on swimming all three of your events.  I hope you had a great time!  I look forward to watching you race again!


Mark’s Group

The Pre-Senior group did some outstanding swimming over this fun weekend. Many of the swimmers only participated on Sunday due to a high school invitational on Saturday, but still swam very well!  Starting with the girls, Lucianna Balica swam all best times on Sunday with the highlight being a 7+ second drop in the 200 free! Jaya Garcia had 3 best times as well, dropping over 5 seconds in the 100 fly. She also swam the 200 fly and 400 IM for the first time ever and got “A” times in both! Nice job, Jaya! Jenna Hee collectively improved 3 seconds in 100 fly and 100 back! Clotilda Yi had 5 best times over the weekend and a first ever 400 IM, where she earned an “A” time! Congrats! Amanda Evans swam 100 back for a first time swim for EBAT and got an “A” time! Amanda Houston dropped 3 seconds in 100 back and almost 5 seconds in the 200 fly! Wow! Kate Miller dropped time in the 100 back and Lauren Wirdzek dropped time in the 100 back as well and swam a first ever 200 free for an “A” time. Jelly Dysico had a season best 100 back time! Great job ladies!  On to the boys…….. Carson Sand busted out a best time and new Far Western cut in the 200 free. Victor Deng dropped over 28 seconds in the 200 breast, Samir Hossainy dropped over 1.5 seconds in the 200 free and Newton Tran dropped 10 seconds in the 200 free as well. Nice job, Fellas!


My favorite part of the meet was during the last event where all the EBAT kids got up and rooted on Monica Gong during her 400 IM. It’s always great to see teammates rooting for each other!

Swimmers – Be sure to thank your parents for putting on such a great meet. They worked really hard at putting this successful event together. THEY DO THIS ALL FOR YOU!!! Please remember to show your appreciation. Even just a “thank you” every once in a while makes all the difference.


Coach Mark