Campout Reminder

This is just a little reminder that the campout is on Friday, April 20th.   Please be sure to bring the liability waiver with you.  There have been a few common questions, I'll try to answer them below:

What time does it start?

Scott Hagan will be at the campsite some time after 2PM so you are welcome to start arriving around that time.  I imagine many people will not be able to come until after work.  For those that attend the Friday practice, it is at Health Nutz this week.

What to expect?

This is a laid back event.  It's an opportunity for both BASS North and BASS South to see each other in a more social setting.  In the past kids have played catch, tag and other kid things.  Feel free to bring frisbees and other fun activities. We just want to see everyone have some fun and relax.  There will be a campfire in the evening.

What should I bring?

If you are staying overnight, you definitely want to bring your tent and sleeping bag.  We are also asking you to pack your own dinner and breakfast as well as beverages.  This is a change from previous years. If you want to bring something to share, that's fine too.  Flashlights with fresh batteries is another good item to have.  There will be a porta potty available.


From CVS, drive north on Route 600 (South Boston) for about 1/2 mile and make your first right on to Broken Island Road. Drive 1 mile down the road until you come to a posted/gated road leading downhill to a field on your left.  There is a large grey house across the street.  Camp area is at the bottom of the hill.

If there are any additiona questions,  I will try to respond to any last minute questions during my lunch hour tomorrow. Have a good time!!