First Coast Kids Triathlon Results and Recap

 Good Morning Amberjax!

First Coast Kids Triathlon

The Amberjax are proud of the swimmers who took time this past weekend to compete in the First Coast Kids Triathlon at the University of North Florida.  We had over 20 swimmers participate!  A great job was done by all and we are proud of all the swimmers for representing Amberjax and themselves positively.  Let us continue to pursue excellence in the pool and let it contribute to continued success in future triathlons!

Here are the swimmers who worked their tails off in the weekend heat:


Braeden Knight

Ethan Knight

P.J. Grant

Sam Skiles

Casey Goodwin

Kameryn Mallinson

Nathaniel Jones

Brennan Jones

Kate Dingfield

Connor Smithers

Julian Smith

Speakman Smith

Indigo Warrenfeltz

Raymond Warrenfeltz

Jonathan Sonntag

Lillian Hauser


Additionally, event organizers did two different classes this year.  The x-class for experienced competitors which acknowledged the top 3 overall in the seniors and top 3 overall in Jrs and then the top 1 in each age.  And then the regular class and acknowledged top 3 overall in Jrs and Srs and top 3 in each age. 


Athletes who met these standards:

Timmy Gildersleeve 3rd Place Overall Sr x-class

Katelin Gildersleeve 1st place 11yr girls x-class
Courtney Crawford 1st 12 yr girls x-class
Kyle Smithers 1st 12yr boys x-class
Azure Warrenfeltz 2nd Overall Jr Girls
Main Group
Jacob Hauser 1st 9yr boys
Zach Dingfield 1st overall Sr Boys

Luke Dingfield 2nd 12 yr boys


We couldn't be more proud of all these swimmers.  Congratulations on a great weekend of competition!!!  Keep working hard!