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Some key LAC ideas

Hello all LAC families.  We had a great Board Meeting last night and some key ideas were brought to my attention that I feel it is worthwhile to spend some time on.  

First, although swimming is an individual sport, being on a swim team is a TEAM experience.  Our mission is to utilize swimming as a unique educational tool that will develop young people into leaders in their communities.

Are we fulfilling this mission?  In some ways very well: 

-Swimmers learning to be on time 

-Swimmers learning to always do their best 

-Swimmers learning to do things correctly    

These are things we talk about daily in practice.  Where are some of the areas we are falling short in developing young leaders?  

-Dis-respectful behavior at meets from many older swimmers including taking space of others without asking, littering, not listening to the guidance of adults 

-A lack of support between swimmers at meets.  (We are missing opportunities to cheer for each other and for swimmers who are in different groups to get to know each other).   

What are some of the ways we can do better at fulfilling our Mission to develop leaders in our community?  Here are some great ideas that were talked about at the Board Meeting:  

-Parents and Coaches can stress the importance of having respect for property, space, and a clean environment at meets 

-Parents and Coaches can encourage swimmers to support eachother visibly by cheering at meets and by developing more mentorship opportunities between older and younger swimmers.  

-Any incidents of bullying need to be documented and there needs to be accountability.  

We have had a very successful year swimming performance-wise with more people than ever making Junior Olympics, Far Westerns, and Santa Clara International meet.  We have scored more points than ever at Junior Olympics, Far Westerns, and Sectionals.  These are great accomplishments, but if we achieve in the pool without growing as people, have we truly made progress?  I would say no.  I take responsibility for not encouraging more team wide activities.  

Today all swimmers have a great opportunity to connect, as we have blocked off today's practice so that all swimmers can attend the Granada/Livermore dual meet at 4444 East Avenue RLCC, starting at 4pm.  This is an opportunity for younger and older swimmers to have a shared experience, and for younger swimmers to get a sense of Livermore Swimming Pride, and the bright future they have in this sport.  

On Friday the 1st of June, we will be having a TEAM-WIDE clinc from 3:45-5:00.  On this day there will be no dryland, and Junior 2/ Pre-Senior/ Senior Swimmers will participate with Junior 1 and Novice swimmers in a clinic on Starts and Turns.  This will be a great opportunity for swimmers who don't normally connect, to be able to get to know each other.  

Parents, please be aware that all meets are posted through August.  There is an opportunity for each group to participate in a meet each month.  Our dual meet with Tri-Valley Aquatics is still under discussion as the date may be changed due to open houses at elementary schools on the 24th.  We should know early next week what the plan is.

Remember when planning for meets, meets close quickly in Pacific Swimming due to the size of the LSC, so please sign up as soon as the meet opens through swim connection.  We are currently working on the schedlue through December 2012 and will put that on the website before people go on break in August.  Also, be aware that there are two tracks in USA swimming, one for younger swimmers and one for "Senior" swimmers.  Because the meets are set up this way, there aren't a lot of meets where the whole team will be in attendance.  When we do have the opportunity to have the whole team in attendance, we will do our best to make it a very positive experience for all involved.  Beyond that, we will provide more clinic like opportunities for different swimmers to get to know each other on our team.  

Thank you all LAC members for the great efforts you put into helping out team.  I  hope you all will take the opportunity today to see some great Livermore Swimming, and I hope you all will be able to make practice on the 1st for our team wide clinic. We are doing our best to learn and grow each day in and out of the pool!  

Coach Alex