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UPDATE ON THE FINA JUNIOR WORLD OPEN WATER SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS  --  FINA President Dr. Julio Maglione announced the first FINA World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships that will be held in the Niagara Falls area in Welland, Canada between August 16-19, 2012. “This new competition gives our young open water stars an opportunity to compete at the highest level.” MORE AT THIS LINK ON UANA NEWS
UANA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING IN FORT LAUDERDALE ON MAY 12TH  --   UANA President Coaracy Nunes Filho has scheduled a spring 2012 meeting of the UANA Executive Committee for Saturday, May 12th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  UANA Secretary Fernando Canales has also extended invitations to the chairs of the 6 UANA Technical Committees to meet with the UANA Executive Committee on May 12th.  The UANA meetings are scheduled to begin at 8:00 am in the William E. Simon Board Room at the International Swimming Hall of Fame. 
Meeting Participants:
President: Coaracy NUNES FILHO (BRA)
Secretary-Treasurer:  Fernando CANALES (USA)
Vice President William SHAW (CAN)
Vice President Errol CLARKE (BAR)

Immediate Past President & Honorary Life President: 
UANA International Relations Officer: 
UANA Meeting Schedule:  Saturday, May 12th at 8:00am to 5:00pm
Meeting Location:  William E Simon Board Room, International Swimming Hall of Fame 
UANA Secretary Fernando Canales will distribute an agenda of the meeting very soon!
If there are items you wish to have included on the agenda, please email Fernando:
HOTEL ACCOMODATIONS FOR UANA MEETING:  Your accommodations on May 11th and 12th have been prepaid.  You will need to provide your identification and a credit card for incidentals at time of check in:
Courtyard by Marriott Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel
440 Seabreeze Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316 USA
Phone:  1-954-524-8733
Fax:  1-954-525-8145
Example:  Gregory Eggert, United Airlines, Arriving May 11th on UA #1125 at 4:24, departing May 13th on UA #1700 at 7:51am
SUPER SHUTTLE Service from Miami International Airport (MIA) to Fort Lauderdale Courtyard
If  you are arriving at Miami International Airport you should take a Super Shuttle to Fort Lauderdale.
Claim your luggage on the lower level baggage claim, proceed to baggage carousel #24 - "D" Terminal or carousel #19 - "E" Terminal (Customs) or carousel #5 at Terminal "H or J".  Look for the Super Shuttle Representative wearing a gold shirt and they will assist you with placement on the correct shuttle to Fort Lauderdale..  You can also approach any of our distinctive blue vans located on the outer island but be sure to give them the address of the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel and be sure to confirm you are on the right shuttle.  UANA will book your reservation on a Super Shuttle van to Fort Lauderdale once we know your flight arrival information.  It is unlikely that you will be reimbursed for a taxi, please use Super Shuttle from MIA.
TAXI from Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL):  A taxi is about $25.00 from airport to Courtyard Hotel.  Anyone arriving in Fort Lauderdale should take a taxi to the Courtyard Hotel, about 20 minutes.
Parking at Hotel:  If you are renting a car please be aware that the daily charge for parking at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel is $29.00 per day.  There is a lot 200 yards before the hotel that charges a lower rate.
MEALS:  A coupon will be provided for a complimentary continental breakfast on Saturday, May 12th and Sunday, May 13th at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel.  The UANA Executive Committee will break for lunch on Saturday.
    American representatives should consult USAS Treasurer Mel Goldstein ( for reimbursement of travel expenses to/from Fort Lauderdale;
    Canadian representatives should consult Lisa Schott ( for reimbursement of travel expenses to/from Fort Lauderdale;
    Brazilian representatives should consult Giovana Moreira ( for reimbursement of travel expenses to/from Fort Lauderdale;
    Representatives from all other National Federations should consult UANA Secretary Fernando Canales ( for reimbursement of travel expenses to/from Fort Lauderdale.
6 PM Friday, May 11th:  Paragon Awards at ISHOF
Link to 2012 Paragon Award Recipients:
6 PM Saturday, May 12th: ISHOF Hall of Fame Induction at Broward County Convention Center
LINK TO THE CLASS OF 2012 to be Inducted:

Link to Invitation & Complete Schedule of ISHOF Events
PLEASE REVIEW THE DRAFT MINUTES OF THE 17 OCTOBER 2011 UANA CONGRESS  --  The following is the draft of the minutes submitted for your consideration by Guno van der Jagt, UANA Secretary – Treasurer (2007 – 2011).  Each member of the UANA Family who attended the UANA Congress is asked to review the draft document ASAP.  If you notice any corrections or wish to make any suggestions or revisions, please contact BOTH Guno ( ) and UANA Honorary Life President Eldon Godfrey ( ) at your earliest possible convenience.

Minutes UANA Congress

17 October 2011

Guadalajara, Mexico

Presidente Inter Continental Hotel


  1. Accreditation of delegates
  2. Declaration of quorum and opening remarks by the President of UANA
  3. Reading and Approval of the minutes of the previous congress
  4. Report by the Executive Committee
  5. Report by the Secretary – Treasurer
  6. Report by the Standing Committees and Special Commissions
  7. Consideration and discussions of proposals previously submitted and included in the summons
  8. Election of the Executive Committee
  9. Election of the candidates of the Americas to the FINA Bureau
  10. Other matters of urgency, with the approval of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present
  11. Presentations of Visitors
  12. Adjournment

Declaration of quorum and Opening remarks:
President Eldon Godfrey opens the congress at 14:10 hrs. There are 30 of the 39 UANA members present and there is quorum to begin the UANA General assembly. Complete attendance list is attached. The president requests 1 minute of silence for all the UANA family members that passed away.

The president introduces the guests at the head table to the general assembly:

  • Mr. Julio Maglione – FINA president
  • Mustpha Larfaoui – FINA Life President / President African Swimming Federation
  • Dennis Miller – President Oceania
  • Coarazy Nunes – FINA  Board Member
  • Orban Mendoza  - Past UANA and CCCAN president
  • Dale Neuburger – FINA Vice President
  • Ivar Sisniega, Chairman Organizing Committee Guadalajara 2011
  • Dr. Margo Mountjoy – FINA Board Member and delegate of the Aquatic Federation of Canada

The following UANA Board members beside the president are present:

  • Guno van der Jagt, Secretary / Treasurer
  • Errol Clarke, Vice president
  • Luis Leiva Perez
  • Judy McGowan
  • Bill Shaw


  • Mr. Ivar Sisniega addresses the general assembly and welcomes them to Guadalajara for the Pan American Games. He gives a summary of the aquatics sports in the Pan American Games. He indicates that the number of water polo teams were increased from 8 to 6, the number of divers was increased from 50 to 60 and open water was added to the program. The swimming time qualification was very technical and used 3 qualification standards, A, B, and C. After the final registration, the quota was exceeded by 50 and the FINA president intervened. In the end, all swimmers who made the A-standard were accepted. Swimmers who made the B-standard were left out based on the FINA standards. The quota was exceeded by 22.
  • The UANA president indicated for future games more room needs to be created to make adjustments to the quotas. The technical commissions need to review the qualification procedures. Thought to be given to the reduction of athletes if the quotas are exceeded. The president expressed his confidence in the technical commissions. The venues are of world class standard.
  • The Bahamas swimming Federation requested an intervention and they indicated that relay only swimmers were allowed to participate but the NOC’s didn’t receive any communication.

Reading and Approval of the minutes of the previous UANA Congress (Rio de Janeiro, 2007):
The minutes were read and accepted by the general assembly.

Report by the Executive Committee:
The UANA president indicated that UANA reached out to other Continental. The Executive Committee tried to meet at least once every 2 years. Meetings were held in 2009, 2010 and 2011 with the assistance of the USA and Canadian Swimming federations. The Executive Committee report is accepted by the General Assembly.

Report by the Secretary – Treasurer:
It is reported that contributions were set by partnerships. The dues amounted to approximately US$ 5000 annually and contributions from FINA and ODEPA / PASO were also received. Expenditures were primarily due to meetings and receptions. The reports by the Secretary – Treasurer are accepted by the General assembly.

Report by the Standing Committees and Special Committees:
The federations are requested to contribute to all the disciplines. Each discipline has particular issues. The complete reports are available on the UANA website.

Masters Technical Committee (Chair: Mel Goldstein):
The UANA Pan American Masters Championships 2011 will be organized in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and this will be the first time that all disciplines will be contested.

Swimming Technical Committee (Chair: Bill McFarlane):
The chair indicates that there is lack of data which makes it difficult to set the qualification standards for the Pan American Games. The data from the previous games is used and might be outdated. The 3 larger countries take more than 150 places of the 256 available spots , leaving about 100 places for the remaining countries. The maximum numbers of swimmers per country should be reviewed. The new technical committee should also review the possibility that swimmers are allowed to participate in other events than the ones they qualified in. More time should also be allowed between final entries and the start of the games. Ninety days would be commendable.

Diving Technical Committee ( Chair: Kathy Seaman):
The report presented by Steve McFarland.

Synchronized Swimming Technical Committee (Chair: Judy McGowan):
Most synchronized swimming activities were focused on junior level. The idea was that strong junior athletes would result in a good senior level. A presentation was given by the members of the technical committee.

Waterpolo Technical Committee (chair: Bill Shaw):
Waterpolo had a very active quadrennium. Support is needed from the federations and FINA to develop the junior level. The Pan American games will feature 8 teams.

Open Water Technical Committee (Chair: Tomas Haces):
There will be no 3 rd and 4 th UANA championships. More participants from zones 3 & 4 (USA / Canada) should be encouraged and this would improve the quality. Some countries are participating with junior swimmers. The 5 / 10 km are incorporated in the championships. More clinics should be conducted.

Considerations and discussions of proposals submitted and included in the Summons:
Bill Shaw presented the proposals of changes to the UANA constitution. The term “Western Hemisphere” is replaced thru out the constitution with “Americas”. The changes are accepted by the General assembly.
The proposed change to article 7 is also accepted by the General Assembly.

Election of UANA Executive Committee:
The following persons were elected to the UANA Executive Board:

Zone 1
Coaracy Nunes Filho (BRA)
Luis Leiva Perez (CHI)

Zone 2
Errol Clarke (BAR)
Ismael Gonzalez (GUA)

Zone 3
Fernando Canales (USA)
Steve McFarland (USA)

Zone 4
Brian Johnson (CAN)
William Shaw (CAN)

In accordance with the rotation schedule in the constitution the following members of the Executive Committee were elected Officers of the Executive Committee:

UANA President:        Coaracy Nunes Filho (Zone 1)
UANA Secretary/Treasurer:    Fernando Canales (Zone 3)

Vice President:            William Shaw (Zone 4)
Vice President:            Errol Clarke (Zone 2)

Election of the Candidates of the Americas to the FINA Bureau (2013 – 2017):
Zone 1
Dr. Julio C. Maglione - URU
Coaracy Nunes Filho - BRA

Zone 2
Errol Clarke - BAR
Eugenio Martinez - CUB

Zone 3
Dale Neuburger - USA

Zone 4
Dr. Margo Mountjoy – CAN

The candidacy of Dr. Julio Maglione as President of FINA and Mr. Dale Neuburger as Vice President of FINA is unanimously supported by the General Assembly.

Other matters of urgency, with the approval of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present:
St Kitts and Nevis and British Virgin Islands were given provisional UANA membership by the Executive Board. The General Assembly approved their UANA memberships.

The UANA General Assembly also approved the appointment of a Constitution Review Committee to be chaired by UANA Vice President Bill Shaw. The UANA Executive board was given authority to accept “cosmetic non substantive changes” recommended by the committee and to receive proposals for “substantive matters” for consideration at future UANA General Assemblies.

The UANA General Assembly also approved the appointment of the following UANA Honorary Life presidents:

  • Manuel de Jesus (PUR)
  • Orban Mendoza (PUR)
  • Carol Zaleski (USA)
  • Eldon Godfrey (CAN)

Visitor Presentations:

  • Ivar Sisniega – Director of Sport & Operations of XVI Pan American games in Guadalajara 2011 – made a presentation
  • The Toronto 2015 Pan American Games Organizing Committee made a presentation on the progress of their preparations.
  • Mr. Cornel Marculescu – FINA Director – made a presentation on the swimming qualification rules for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The UANA president, Eldon Godfrey, thanked the General Assembly for approving the Life Honorary President appointments on behalf of all the involved persons and indicated that it was an honor.

The UANA president elect, Coaracy Nunes Filho, made some remarks to the members. UANA President, Eldon Godfrey adjourned the General Assembly at 18:10 hrs.

Guno van der Jagt
UANA Secretary – Treasurer (2007 – 2011)

If you notice any corrections or wish to make any suggestions or revisions, please contact BOTH Guno ( ) and UANA Honorary Life President Eldon Godfrey ( ) at your earliest possible convenience.

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ROSTER OF UANA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE & TECHNICAL COMMITTEES  --  The current roster of the UANA Executive Committee & their Technical Committees is posted at this link:

NEW MEMBERS OF UANA TECHNICAL COMMITTEES - Contact information for two new members: 
UANA Technical Water Polo Committee - Maximiliano Aguilar, (MEX)
UANA Technical Diving Committee - Ricardo Bañuelos, (MEX):

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Alexander Dale Oen, the Norwegian world 100m breaststroke champion and Olympic silver medallist, has died at the age of 26, in Flagstaff, the swimmer's national federation has confirmed. Dale Oen, the fastest man ever to race 100m breaststroke in a textile suit and the first Norwegian to win world and European titles, was in the midst of an altitude training camp in Flagstaff, Arizona.
A Norwegian Swimming Federation statement said that Dale Oen suffered cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest, the most common cause of death in young athletes, "is a deadly heart rhythm disturbance and can be brought on by either a congenital defect or by an electrolyte imbalance in the blood", a medical expert told SwimNews. This was, said the federation, the saddest day in the history of Norwegian swimming. Dale Oen was three weeks away from celebrating his 27th birthday.
Craig Lord has written a brilliant tribute to Alexander, a total of three articles posted at SwimNews at these links:
Gregory D. Eggert, Media Officer
69 Old Clinton Road
Flemington, New Jersey 08822
908-432-0005 cell