Thanks for a successful meet!


To all VJO families:

We had a very successful weekend. It appears that everyone had a good time, swimmers took off time, and parents worked on their tans. I want to acknowledge all the fantastic work performed from setup to tear down. I especially want to thank the department heads.

Coaches – what would we do without you? Tuffy, Hillary, Jennifer, & Sam

Jean and staff – great job at Clerk of Course and checking in those swimmers

Mark, Erik and snack shack staff – fantastic job with the snack shack. A thankless job but oh so important in bringing in the money. Always performing while short-handed too!

Melanie – working through the pain of an immobilized leg and getting the hungry crowd fed

Lucia et al. -  Over 125 officials, coaches, and volunteers fed for lunch each day. And keeping the volunteers hydrated and the snacks coming. Wow!

Debbie, Vicky, and Janet – My sincere thanks for a great job in the computer room. And two of them don't have kids that swim with us anymore

Diane and crew – Another outstanding BEHIND the scene job of preparing, organizing and distributing awards.

Felix and crew – It’s not easy soaking up the sun all day especially without enough coverage for breaks. The marshaling crew did an outstanding job of keeping the aisles clear and keeping the kids safe.

Marylou – We can count on you. Your personalized ‘Head Timing’ vest is on its way.

Mike & Nelson – My counterparts at the Colorado. Magnifico!

Claudia and staff – Outstanding job with so little time. The silent auction was a home run

Allen – Where would we be without an announcer? And to announce the swimmers for EACH lane! Tremendous.

Arnold – Mr. BBQ and now Chicken Adobo King! We know whose cooking reigns supreme

Dave, Mike, Dwight – To the officials who keep the meet running smoothly and the DQs coming

Special thanks to the ones behind the scene who make this all happen. A special shout out to:

Debbie Rodinsky, Debbi Tucker, Lourdes Viray, Anthony Hall, Brian Hilton, Marcio Quintano, Jeff Dover, Tina Benberg, Julie Everett, Kaleigh Cameron

Forgive me to those I have missed. As you can see, there are a lot of people to thank for the success of this meet. What it shows is that there are so many volunteers needed. To put on a meet, we need nearly 50 volunteers. I hate seeing our coach marshaling because we don’t have enough parent volunteers, it’s quite embarrassing for our team. We need EVERYONE’s help for our next meet in November.

Thank you.

John Yee
VJO Meet Director