National Team wins LCM Championship in Georgia

Walnut Creek Masters

National Champions


Walnut Creek Masters took a team of only 15 to Savannah, Georgia, to compete in the Masters Long Course Nationals, but it was enough to clinch the combined small team division by almost 200 points! With eight women and seven men, both the men's and women's teams finished second in their respective divisions, but together they were unstoppable! 


SIX swimmers returned National Champions! Bill Johnston and Leianne Crittenden lead the way with four victories apiece. Joan Alexander took three titles, and Emory Haworth, Stan Morner and Bob Mayo each took home one individual gold.


Jae Howell finished 2nd in all four of her events, and Jim Delacy took three 2nd places and two 3rd places. Others finishing with top three finishes were Marty Alexander, Ken Burr, Joyce Haworth, Jim Perilman and Debbie Santos.  Both Stephanie Scott and Bonnie Murphy scored in their races, with Bonnie scoring in four of her events and Stephanie in three. All in all we had a GREAT meet!


Our relays were outstanding, and we finished with four 2nd place finishes, one 3rd place, two 4th places, three 5th places, a 6th and a 7th.


Here is a recap of how we did.


JOAN ALEXANDER                                  BILL JOHNSTON                             


1st    200 IM                                              1st    50 fly

1st    200 Fly                                              1st    200 IM

1st    100 fly                                               1st    50 free

2nd   200 Breast                                         1st    100 free

3rd    200 free                                             2nd   200 free


MARTY ALEXANDER                                BOB MAYO


2nd   200 IM                                              1st    100 free

2nd   400 free                                             2nd   200 free

3rd    100 breast                                         2nd   200 back

4th    2300 free                                           3rd    1500 free

5th    200 breast                                         5th    400 free



KEN BURR                                               STAN MORNER


3rd    800 free                                             1st    50 fly

5th    200 free                                             2nd   100 fly

5th    50 free                                              2nd   200 fly

6th    400 free                                             2nd   50 breast

6th    100 free                                             3rd    100 breast


LEIANNE CRITTENDEN                           BONNIE MURPHY


1st    50 breast                                           6th    800 free

1st    100 breast                                         6th    100 back

1st    50 free                                              6th    50 back

1st    100 free                                             7th    50 fly

2nd    200 breast




JIM DELACY                                            JIM PERILMAN


2nd   50 fly                                                 2nd   200 fly      

2nd   100 fly                                               2nd   100 breast

2nd   200 free                      

                                                                 3rd 50 breast

3rd    100 free                                             3rd    100 fly

3rd    50 free                                              4th    200 breast



EMORY HAWORTH                                  DEBBIE SANTOS


1st    400 IM                                              2nd   200 breast

3rd    1500 free                                           3rd    100 breast

4th    200 IM                                              4th    50 back

4th    100 fly                                               5th    50 breast

                                                                7th    100 back



3rd    800 free                                            STEPHANIE SCOTT

7th    50 breast

7th    400 free                                             6th    1500 free

9th    50 free                                              7th    100 breast

9th    100 breast                                         8th    200 breast

                                                                11th   200 IM

JAE HOWELL                                           11th   200 free


2nd   400 IM

2nd   200 IM

2nd   100 fly

2nd   200 fly