Dear Parents,


We want to thank you for your patience and your trust as we have worked through the process of finding a new Head Coach for RAC.  We are very excited to report that the search has come to a close and Garrett Clark, current Head Coach of Jersey Storm, will be taking over as RAC Head Coach in the Fall of 2012.


Most recently, Garrett has spent four plus years as the Head Coach of Jersey Storm, a USA swim team that runs out of Fort Dix, NJ.  While with Storm, he implemented a new swim curriculum, built the team's website and managed their lesson program. During his four years there, he succeeded in growing the teams' membership by over 100%. Garrett is very excited and proud to be accompanying Jersey Storm's first Olympic Trial Qualifier to Omaha, NE for Trials this June. He has coached many other senior level swimmers including Junior National, Sectional, Zones and JO qualifiers.  He is equally skilled at and enjoys working with younger, developmental swimmers as well.  Managing Jersey Storm's lesson program was an important part of his job, and a key vehicle for building the team's membership.


Prior to his employment with Jersey Storm, Garrett worked as the Aquatics Director for the Boys and Girls Club of Taunton in Taunton, MA. In this role, he again established a new swim curriculum for the team, managed its website and oversaw the club's lesson program. In addition, he was actively involved in organizing, planning training for and coaching Special Olympics swimmers.


As a swimmer Garrett competed with the Boys and Girls Club of Taunton, Middleboro Sea Devils and Umass Amherst.  He began swimming at the age of 8 and has never stopped. He brings with him an intense passion and commitment to the sport of swimming and the job of coaching. 


Garrett has had the opportunity to meet numerous members of the RAC family - parents, coaches and swimmers. All who have had contact with Garrett have been extraordinarily impressed with his background, his technical knowledge and his devotion to the sport. He comes to RAC with tremendous energy, creative ideas and a positive spirit.


He graduated with Honors from the University of Massachusetts with a B.A. in English.


Garret will begin working with Coach Mike on July 2nd during the long course season, and will assume the role of RAC Head Coach on August 10th.


The Board will be hosting a second Parents' Forum at the end of May.  Garrett will be with us to talk about his plans for RAC's 2012-2013 season and to begin meeting RAC families.  Details regarding this meeting will be made available as soon as we are able to secure a date and time with the High School. We hope that many of you will be able to attend this forum.


Please join us in welcoming Garrett to the team. 2012-2013 promises to be both an exceptional and exciting year for RAC filled with new opportunities. We strongly believe that with the combination of increased parent involvement RAC has experienced this year and the addition of Garrett to our coaching staff, RAC is in a stronger position than ever before, and that the club is poised to succeed for many years to come.


The RAC Board of Directors