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Becoming a Better Swim Parent

On Tuesday, May 8th, we had a fantastic informational session for Age Group swimming parents.  The coaching staff shared insight regarding the growth and development of a swimmer as they evolve within the sport of competitive swimming.  There was also discussion as to how this applies to the organizational structure of the Liverpool Jets Swim Club.   We also took the time to answer questions from the group and provide information with regards to what to expect as the athlete continues to progress in age and ability. 

3 Quick take-aways:

1.  If you want to be better than last year, you have to do more.  "More" - could relate to the amount of time spent in the pool, the intensity of the swimming practice, addition of a dry-land element, flexibility, etc..  With that in mind, developing an appropriate escalation helps prolong the career and decreases the risk of injury. 

2.  Parents should help athletes monitor nutrition, hydration, rest, transportation, and should talk to their athlete about their goals for the season and the year.  Rely on the coaching staff to provide technical information, training plans, and meet schedules. 

3.  The role of the parent will continue to evolve throughout the athlete's involvement with the sport. 

As always, if you have questions, find a coach after practice - we're here to help.  Every now and then, come a few minutes early (or come to our weekly "OPEN" practice) and take a look at what's going on with your athlete and the team. 

Here is a link to our " Parent News" portion of the website.  The first link posted at the top of this page is information from USA Swimming that was handed out at our meeting regarding the development of a swimmer.  There are also several other past newsletters that contain great tips to helping your swimmer get the most out of their aquatics experience.

Take care...swim fast!

Coach Zac