36 Swimmers End 2008 With The 24 Hour Practice(including 15 meter meet records)

Thirty six swimmers who are in grades 9 thru 12 participated in the 6th Annual 24 Hour Practice on December 30th. This practice has become a great tradition of team building and mental training.   14 of the 36 swimmers were rookies to the 24 hour practice. So what keeps swimmers coming back year after year to do it?  It may be the challenge of successfully completing all four years, or it may be the really cool t-shirt that you get for participating. Whatever it is, the swimmers walk away knowing they have completed something that more than likely nobody else in the country is doing.

This years practice was full of many memories that will last a life time. It was the first year we added the 24 hour practice 15 meter meet. Once we kicked the bulkhead to the 15 meter mark, literally, we dropped the touchpads in and competed in events such as the 15 meter butterfly, 15 meter backstroke, 15 meter breaststroke, 15 meter freestyle, 15 meter underwater kick and the favorite 60 meter Individual medley.  This meet showed us the importance of speed from the start.

Team Records
Girls – Krissie Brandenburg 7.02
Boys – Zane Rowland 6.46

Girls – Caitlyn Forman 8.05
Boys – Zane Rowland 7.46

Girls – Kirsten Larson 8.34
Boys – Michael Sherrard 7.83

Girls - Krissie Brandenburg – 6.83
Boys – Zane Rowland – 6.11

Underwater Fly Kick (Stomach)
Girls – Jackie Sherrard – 7.13
Boys – Shane Coltharp – 6.42

60 Individual Medley
Girls – Ellen Williamson – 36.65
Boys – Zane Rowland – 34.71


The 12:00am – 3:00am practice is always one to remember. Swimmers completed an IM based workout that ranged from 11,000 to 13,000 yards. Some swimmers swam past the 3:00 am hour just so they could finish the 13,000 yards….by choice and determination. This was very inspiring to see swimmers do this.

Congratulations to everybody that participated including the seven seniors who participated in their last one. Thanks to all parents and coaches who helped with the practice. 

~ Coach Jason