EBAT's High School Champs highlights!


EBAT had 21 high school swimmers participate in their high school championship meets last weekend. There were several amazing swims that really took our hard working swimmers to a higher level!

Starting with Jenna Hee way down in the Fremont league (MVAL’s), Jenna was able to make finals for Saturday in both of her individual events – 500 free & 200 IM where she got best times! Her 400 free relay even made it into NCS. Great job, Jenna. I wish I could’ve been there to see it!

Robbie Brandt had some great swims as well: 32.08 in 50free, 1:14.81 in 100free, and he split a 34.30 in his 200 free relay. Great job, Robbie!!

Anthony Chew busted out with a 6:02.43 in the 500 free, a 1:15.24 in 100 breast, and split a 1:02.18 in the 400 free relay. Nice swimming, Anthony!

Olivia Wallace had some outstanding swims as well. She split a 28.06 swimming fly in the Varsity “A” relay that made it into NCS. She went a 26.65 in the 50 free and then split a 25.79 in the 200 free relay. Olivia finished off her day with a 1:15.99 in the 100 breast. Great job, Olivia!

Danica Tse, one of EBAT’s newest swimmers from this season, swam a 2:11.13 in the 200 free, she split a 27.15 in the 200 free relay, and split a 1:00.9 in the 400 free relay. Way to go Danica!

RC Zen had a breakout meet at HAAL champs! 2:05.77 in the 200 free, a 54.68 in the 100 free, a 24.87 split in the 200 free relay and a 56.15 split in the 400 free relay. Great job, RC!!!

Amanda Evans went 2:37.20 in the 200IM and led off the 200 free relay with a 28.25. She then did a 1:11.89 in the 100 back and finished off the meet with a 1:03.09 split in the 400 free relay. Way to go, Amanda!

Megan Wallace stepped up and had some great swims too. She started the meet with a 2:12.13 in the 200 free, and 1:14.38 in the 100 fly. She then split a 27.05 in the 200 free relay and a 1:01.48 in the 400 free relay. Great job, Megan!

Zach Ehrenberg had some good swims as he busted out a 1:02.28 in the 100 fly, a very close race between he and Samir in the 100 back for a time of 1:07.10, and then he split a 54.64 in the 400 free relay. Good swimming, Zach!

Samir Hossainy had some breakout swims last weekend as he split a 25.50 in his 50 free anchoring the 200 medley relay.  He then dropped lots of time to go a 5:44.86 in the 500 free. He got touched out by Zach in his 100 back for a 1:07.20 and then anchored his 400 free relay where the touchpads malfunctioned, so I don’t have a split for him. Nice job, Samir!

Daniel Cheng, swimming his last HAAL’s, had a some great swims as well. He went a 2:14.39 in the 200 IM, a 51.94 in the 100 free, and split a 51.73 in his 400 free relay. His relay made it to NCS! Good job, Daniel!

Jelly Dysico, also swimming her final HAAL champs meet, had some memorable swims as well. She split a 28.65 for fly in her medley relay, she went a 2:29.23 in the 200 IM, and took 2ndin her 100 fly where she went a 1:05.61!  Congrat’s Jelly!

Andrew Choi opened up his HAAL champs with a 23.98 split anchoring his medley relay. He went a 5:13.80 in his 500 free and split a 24.84 in his 200 free relay. Great swims, Andrew!

Kyler White, swimming in a drag suit for some reason, (this is a championship meet, right?), had some great swims. He split a 25.88 in his fly for the medley relay, he went a 24.22 in the 50 free and then went under 1:00 in the 100 fly for the first time to go a 59.50. He then finished off his day leading off his 200 free relay where he went a 24.18. Great job, Kyler!  How about a racing suit next time!

Newton Tran, who I think will be turning some heads next year, had some great swims last Saturday. His 200 IM was a 2:08.52 and he led off the 200 free relay with a 23.16. He then went a 1:04.57 in the 100 breast and then finished off the meet splitting a 50.85 in the 400 free relay. Great job, Newton!

These next 6 swimmers are all tied for Swimmer of the Meet as far as I’m concerned. These swims were incredible breakout swims and are all attributed to their commitment and hard work all season long!

Let’s start with Victor Deng who won the 50 free for the Varsity boys with a 22.65. Last year Victor was a JV swimmer for CV. At HAAL champs he won the 200 free and 100 free and broke the league record for JV boys. He came back this year and won a varsity event (50 free)!  I don’t think that has ever been done! I’ve seen JV winners come back and eventually win a varsity event, but not the very next year. That was HUGE!! Way to go Victor – one of the best swims of the meet. He also went a 50.29 in the 100 free to get 3rdand then split a 22.25 in the 200 free relay, which made it to NCS!

Next, Lucianna Balica split a 25.55 in the free for her medley relay, which took 1st. She then went a 25.58 in the 50 free to take 3rd. She got 2ndplace in the 100 free with a 56.37 and then came back and split a 55.32 in her 400 free relay which also took 1stand broke an HAAL record from way back in 1999! Great job, Loosh!!!

Lauren Wirdzek started her meet off getting 2ndplace in the 50 free with a 25.56. She then turned around and got 1stplace in her 100 free with a 55.62. She then split a 25.24 in the 200 free relay and finished off the meet splitting a 55.39 in the 400 free relay that won and broke the meet record. Great job, Lauren!!

Amanda Houston was well overdue for some great swimming. She is such a hard worker and watching it all come together is simply amazing. Amanda started the meet splitting a 26.41 for her 50 free in the medley relay. She then got 2ndplace in the 200 IM swimming a 2:21.70! Her 500 free was awesome, where she got 3rdplace, made it into NCS and went a 5:19.40, crushing her previous best times! She finished off the meet splitting a 57.85 in the 400 free relay. Amanda had never been under 1:00 in the 100 free, so she skipped over the 59’s and 58’s! Wow! Way to go, Amanda Houston!!

Carson Sand had some amazing breakout swims as well! He started his meet off by splitting a 29.13 in the 50 breast during the 200 medley relay. He then busted out a 4:52.47 in the 500 free (almost a 20 second drop) to get a 2ndplace and an NCS cut. He followed that with a 1:01.54 in the 100 breast for 3rdplace, an NCS cut, and a Sectional cut. Carson finished his day by splitting a 49.95 in the 400 free relay. Great job, Carson!

Kate Miller had some amazing swims all day at HAAL’s! Her first swim was the 200 free where she blew everyone away and went a 1:56.90, just missing her sectional cut, but making the NCS cut. She then followed that up with an outstanding 5:11.87 in the 500 free. This time broke the HAAL record from 1999, got her into NCS, and a Sectional cut! She wasn’t done yet as she led off her 400 free relay, (the record breaking relay), with a 55.35!! That was some amazing swimming! Congrats Kate!!


EBAT High School Swimmers, all this fast swimming is directly related to all the hard work you’ve put in over this season. Take some time and enjoy your accomplishments and realize how far we’ve all come since September. Enjoy for now because very soon we will be back to the hard work and looking forward to the next shave & taper meet.


Congrats EBAT!!!!


Coach Mark