Recap of Team Meeting on 5/17/12


Thanks to all the parents that attended the meeting on Thursday. It really makes a difference when you are there and can ask any pertinent questions or voice any concerns that you might have. Parents always bring some delicious treats that kids and parents alike can enjoy.

The following is a recap of our meeting:

*Thanks to all of our families that supported our swim meet in March. It's always a lot of fun and hard work, and it's worth it to keep our team unified and able to continue. We grossed $3400 and we should all give ourselves a big pat on the back. It was a great success!

*Coach Colby has been attending some meetings as our team representative that will hopefully result in our team getting bids in for premiere meets in the future. Thanks Coach Colby!

*Our Team is currently advertising in the Castro Valley Forum for the next 6 weeks for our summer swim lessons, triathalon clinic, water polo clinic, and year round swimming. Tell your friends and family members about our fabulous East Bay Bat Rays!

*The Swim Lesson module is up and running so that new swimmers can sign up for online registration. The Triathalon module will be set up in June for online registration. 

*Team pictures will be sometime early June, hopefully before summer break. We will give you the date ASAP.

*Fundraising - Our 3rd quarter fundraising opportunity will be "The Mile Challenge" on June 29th. We will be possibly having a BBQ and absolutely having a potluck for this fun fundraising opportunity. Bring your swimmers and family to share in the fun. We are also currently planning our 4th quarter fundraising opportunity. Our swimmers will be able to create their own web page within our website with pictures, videos and such, where their family and friends can logon and donate to our team. In the age of computers where our kids know much more than we do, they should be able to create some really fun and fabulous web pages. We will also be there to help in any way we can.

Thats all folks! Hope to see many more of your faces at the next team meeting. Go team!