Daytona Beach Meet- RESULTS

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The sun has finally come out down here in Daytona and it is shining on Stingrays!

We arrived on Thursday evening...through periods of torrential downpours and other weather metaphors. Friday morning saw a vigorous practice...overcast, of course...followed by some time on the beach and a movie.

Now, we have returned from the morning session and have a lot  to show for it:

100 BK: Mary Beckwith 1st, Anna Lofton 3rd, and Katie Larkin 4th. Charlotte Holz was 2nd, Elizabeth Murray 5th and Erin Valle 6th. Michael Dugan, Jack Gunning, Andy Yap and Thomas Kelley were 3, 4, 6 and 10th, respectively.


200 BRST: Kailey Austin and Lauren Brewer went 1-2. BOOM Lauren O'Malley and Afton Nourzad were 2nd and 3rd. Thomas Kelley took 1st in his race.


200 FR: Beckwith, Payment and Dugan took top honors. Jack Gunning raced to 3rd place while Caitlin Mcuigh and Charlotte Holz swam to 5th place. Rounding out the top 10 were Kailey Austin (6th), Anna Lofton (8th), Erin Valle (9th) and Elizabeth Murray 10th.


100 Fly: Mackenzie Payment (2nd), Charlotte Holz (3rd), Jack Gunning (4th), Anna Lofton (4th), Katie Larkin (5th), Michael Dugan (6th), Erin Valle (7th), Lauren O'Malley (8th), Caitlin McHugh (9th), Elizabthe Murray (10th).


200 IM: Mary Beckwith and Mackenzie Payment took the gold while Charlotte Holz took silver. Kailey Austin (4th), Kelly Price (4th), Katie Larkin (6th), Andy Yap ( the Open 200 IM), Lauren O'Malley (6th), Afton Nourzad (7th) and Thomas Kelley (7th) round out our top 10's.


400 FR: Mary Beckwith and the Dugster won the event with Kailey Austin touching in at 2nd. Caitlin McHugh (3rd) , Jack Gunning (3rd), Kelly Price (4th), Erin Valle (7th), David Yap (7th), Anna Lofton (8th), Elizabeth Murray (8th), Nick Robertson (8th), Andy Yap (9th) completed the day in the top 10


NOW...on to Sunday!