May 27th Development Meet

Development Meet Sunday, May 27th – HUGE success!

27 of our Hollyburn Hurricane swimmers participated in our development swim meet Sunday, May 27th. Seven of our swimmers swam for the first time including: Ella DeCoteau, Logan and Sophie Kennedy, Jake Lang, Isabella Martin, Sophia Sutherland and Capri Smith – Congratulations and welcome to competitive swimming! You’ve all been practicing very hard for this moment – now that you see how fast you are, you can try to beat your own best times at the next swim meet. When you hear your coach tell you things about stroke improvement, or how to get a better streamline, you know where that comes into the whole picture. It’s all about swimming faster and more efficiently. Twenty other swimmers on our team swam very well, building on their experiences from other swim meets, and putting into practice all the things they learned since then.

5 of our swimmers did the 200m IM – 2 lengths of each stroke: Jade Clement, Abbey Heard, Shona Kelly, Corentin Caer and Gabe Ross-Wilson. This is a very technical race as well as a very challenging one, as each turn is slightly different and remembering the different ones can be difficult! For the 100m IM, congratulations go out to: Eduardo Sutherland, Thomas Dignum and Sidney Clement. Six of our swimmers did best times in every event they swam: Thomas Dignum, Naomi Kanga, Stanislava Piskova, Gabe Ross-Wilson, Olivia Sinclare, and Antonio Sutherland! WOW!

Congratulations to ALL of our swimmers who attended the meet and a BIG thank you to the parents who volunteered to time!

Super Swimming Hollyburn Hurricanes!